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With the release of Tempest of Strife, players have the option to leave their current School and choose a new allegiance by one of three methods: Betrayal, Excursion or Incognito. The difficulty and consequences of the three methods are varied; betrayal is easy with heavy repercussions, while the going incognito will be hard and time-consuming. In addition, players should notice that leave their current School, players need to take 30-day to rejoin the origin School.


  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Punishment: Huge

Betrayal weighs heavy on the heart, but it comes quite easy for many. Players need only complete an easy quest, and it won’t take much time. After the quest is completed, all the school-specific skills the player has acquired will be erased; players will permanently lose their access to School-specific identity, titles and fashion unless they return to that school. However, the other seven Schools and the six new Sects will be open to the players who betray their current School. To rejoin the betrayed School, players will need to finish the Vagrants quests.


  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Punishment: Medium

Excursion gives players the permission to leave their Schools without losing their school skills permanently. However, players need to survive from a harsh attack to win the permission. After the players prove their strength, they will be allowed to join the six new Sects; the players can not join the 7 other Schools and the Vagrants because they are not “School-less.” Player’s inner strength and skills will drop in level and become capped at a certain level. The Ultimate Scrolls, School identity and titles will be erased completely. Once the players return to their original School, all the inner power and skills will recover.


  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Punishment: Tiny

Incognito is the most expensive and time-consuming way for players to leave their current School and to join the six new Sects. It requires the players to collect a long list of items to make their “incognito” possible. If the players have enough currency in the game, they can simply purchase the items when a certain NPC shows up. After they’ve completed the “incognito”, players will lose their school-specific identity, titles and fashion but will retain their inner and skills.

How To Abandon your School[]

Your first step is to go to your school, and find these gentlemen, the school's betrayal guides:

  • Emei - (501, 195)
  • Wudang - (467, 344)
  • Beggar's Sect - (537, 339)
  • Royal Guards - (344, -80)
  • Shaolin - (796, 383)
  • Scholars - (472, 463)
  • Wanderer's Valley - (148, -25)
  • Tangmen - (1056, -132)

They're located near the headmasters in all schools, standing next to each other.

Once completed this Operation and re-entered a new School or Faction (Vagrants included), you can regain your lost Cultivation points here: Suzhou Martial Art Place (507-463), NPC name: Xiao Meili (Apprentice Officer).

Also Wei Manman, Trades Tokens for Meridian Increasing pills and Self Recollection Increasing Pills. Evil Man's Valley (863, 231)