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Winning the favor of NPCs is another strategy in character development in Age of Wushu as this will allow certain special, very rewarding quests to be unlocked. Many of the game's NPCs have a changing disposition towards the players. Some quests players may take are labeled as 'Gratitude or Resentment' - these are some of the Random encounters. To receive these, players must raise the Affinity between them and the respective NPC. This may take a long time.


When mousing over such NPCs there is a rainbow-like meter with a negative and positive poll and a face icon in the middle of the meter showing the initial disposition towards the player - 'No impression'. By interacting with them in the game world, players can cause these NPCs to adjust their disposition and express it this way:

  • NPC is pleased - fluttering blue 'plus' marks and happy face icon over its head
  • NPC is displeased - fluttering red 'minus' marks and angry face icon over its head

If none of these occurs, players can try to change the way they interact with the NPC.

NPC Personality[]

An NPC may have one of 14 personality traits. Clues about this may be found in gossip and NPC's history. Each personality type will react to players' behavior in different ways:

  • a 'Hard Working' NPC is pleased when players are mining or setting up stalls in its sight
  • a 'Heroic' NPC is displeased when players purchase from an Evil-aligned player's stall setup in its sight

The NPCs traits can also be further modified by their profession or even current interactions with other NPCs:

  • playing music around some NPC musicians might make them unhappy because the NPC might view the player as competition

Sometimes just doing socially unacceptable actions can annoy certain NPCs:

  • deliberately standing in front of NPC spectators watching some entertainment, blocking their view
  • mounted on horse and sticking around them - some NPCs are offended while others are not

Important NPCs tend to have a more complex response.

Some NPC groups are rivals with one another, so if players gain favor with one group, they may return to find all of previously amicable NPC in an area becoming unhappy with them.

Ultimately players could recruit NPC companions to fight for them if they are friendly with a large number of NPCs of a certain territory power and fulfill other conditions. Players can summon NPC companions for up to one hour each day.

Players' relationship with NPCs can progress to a certain point that they become friends or even close friends.


There are many ways to affect the NPCs affinity (be it increase or decrease). Here is a list of some actions which will have effect if performed in front of or nearby the NPCs:

  • sending appropriate gifts to the NPC (this is one of the easiest ways)
    • sometimes the NPC has no response to certain stuff sent to him
    • items can be sent individually or in stacks
    • possible items: food, wine, pills (jackdaw herb, life extending),
    • it has a daily cap - maximum 20 times allowed
  • standing in front of the NPC (this action will generally increase affinity except for a small fraction of NPCs); might have daily cap
  • meditating in front of the NPC; might have daily cap as well
  • riding a horse (this one almost surely will decrease affinity)
  • accepting and submitting quest or doing this with any other nearby NPC
  • learning new skills or leveling up learned skills
  • learning recipes
  • achieving a title
  • collecting/harvesting
  • crafting items
  • performing other life skill activities
  • trading
  • setting up a stall
  • buying from a stall
  • donating to a player beggar
  • practicing kungfu
  • starting team practice
  • spying (NPCs in Beggar's Sect territory are displeased when they see a spy but the NPCs in the Royal Guards school seem to enjoy seeing spies)
  • patrolling
  • starting a pvp; winning or losing from this
  • killing someone or being killed by someone
  • kidnapping a player (while most NPCs hate it, funny thing is, certain ones are actually quite happy witnessing this...)
  • Drinking Wine and getting drunk can have a negative or positive effect

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