Age of Wushu Wiki

Age of Wushu is a complex MMORPG based on the Ancient Chinese Jianghu. Contrary to most Martial Arts MMO's with combat-limited gameplay Age of Wushu is a true sandbox. It has a very strong focus on crafting/player economy where even things like painting, Weiqi (similar to Go) or begging are very important. It has housing as well.

The business model is F2P with voluntary VIP subscription as well as Cash Shop. The latter includes for the Western market uncommon features like a purchase limit with ingame currency overcome by cash shop currency, player-to-player trading only with cash shop currency and temporarily expansion of inventory or temporary-only mount purchases by the cash shop currency.

Alternative versions[]

Age of Wushu is published by Snail Games USA. It is the North American version of the original Chinese MMORPG 九阴真经 ("Nine Scroll Manual"). The original Chinese game was commercially launched in 2012 by the game's developer Suzhou Snail Electronics Co., Ltd. (also known as Snail Games) through the Woniu (蜗牛网) portal. Despite Age of Wushu being the US release, it is currently available globally with no area IP restrictions. Another alternative version was Age of Kungfu as published by Cubizone for the SEA region.

Age of Wulin[]

Age of Wulin, released on July 18, 2013, was the European counterpart to NA’s Age of Wushu. Originally published by Snail Games, it was handed off to Webzen for four years before returning to Snail's control on July 11, 2017 when Age of Wulin was closed and merged into Age of Wushu. Age of Wulin players were able to migrate their characters to Golden Dynasty, a new European server established as part of Age of Wushu. On January 18, 2018, the Golden Dynasty server was merged into the bigger and older server, Blue Dragon.