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Alcohol has been a part of human history for centuries, and not just as an afternoon beverage. In Age of Wushu, characters can use various kinds of alcoholic substances to cook food, craft medicines, and even fight with a hiccup in their step. Wine can give a character the edge in combat, granting special buffs and stat bonuses.

Effects Of Alcohol[]

  • All characters can drink alcohol.
  • When a character drinks alcohol they get an evasion buff which lasts 45 seconds, not that much time to take over the world.
  • Drink enough and a character will get the Under the Weather debuff which means for a period of time, depending on how much was consumed and what the character's tolerance is, the screen gets a fuzzy effect and the character can only walk funny.
  • Drink to much and the character could then get the Drunk debuff which means the character is sick and may start vomiting. They should also look more funny too.
  • Some merchants sell a hangover cure, 8 Immortal Sobering Soup, that will remove drunken debuffs.

Alcohol Tolerance[]

  • All characters can increase their alcohol tolerance.
  • In the character stats window there is a variable called "Alcohol" which represents the character's tolerance.
  • Everyone starts out with "Small" and it increases to "Medium", then "Big", and finally "High Liquor".
  • To increase the character's tolerance, continuously drink any items classified as "Alcohol" without getting sick and vomiting. Drink any time, anywhere; you don't have to drink consecutively, one after the other. Getting Under the Weather debuff will not reset the counter.
  • Getting sick and vomiting resets the drinking counter.
  • Alcohol tolerance will NOT decrease back to Small over time.
  • The more potent the wine, the easier it is to get drunk, as well as making it easier to increase the tolerance.

Alcohol Around Jianghu[]

  • Shoalin disciples are forbidden to consume alcohol. It's not that they can't drink, it's against their school regulations. For every drink, a Shoalin disciple will be giving 10 School Disciplinary Points. These add up fast.
  • The Beggar's Sect incorporates elements of Drunken Boxing into their style. Their skill sets benefit from alcohol.
  • Most NPCs will like wine as a gift but they don't always like to see a character drinking or for that matter being drunk.
  • In some places, like Chengdu, jars of wine are hidden everywhere.
  • Alcohol is usually sold by liquor merchants near any Chef Shifu, but Farmer Shifus sell liquor (under the Seasonings tab) for real cheap.
  • The best kinds of Alcohol are made by characters with the Chef profession.

List Of Alcohol[]

Name Potency Effect Description
Rice Wine None None Made from rice.
Yellow Wine Small Evasion +15 for 45 seconds Used to enhance the flavor of foods.
Water-Rich Spring Small Evasion +15 for 45 seconds Fragrent, mellow, and sweet as honey.
Erguotou Medium Evasion +25 for 45 seconds Clear and transparent with a beautiful fragrance.
Ling Wine Medium Evasion +25 for 45 seconds Can be used as a cooking seasoning to eliminate foul smells.
Fresh Wine Medium Evasion +25 for 45 seconds Purple, Sweet and very strong.
Chrysanthemum Wine Big Evasion +35 for 45 seconds Fermented with Chrysanthemum, sticky rice, and distiller's yeast.
Rice Spring Big Evasion +45 for 45 seconds Clear, quite fragrant, and made with rice.