Alignment reflects players' (character's) personality. Doing certain actions ingame will raise their personality attributes Chivalry/Good, Evil/Guilt and Arrogance/Confidence by earning them Chivalrous, Evilness or Madness Points. Players can only get maximum 100 of each points types per day.

If a player did a lot of good deeds, naturally he/she will be recognized as a Heroic player. On the contrary, if he/she always did bad deeds, he/she will be labelled as an Evil player. Judging both good and bad is often complex, as there are characters who are good yet also steal. Lunatic or Sinister are kind of unique sorts of characters as such players can be both chivalrous and evil.

Players can check their alignment, tag and personality attributes' values value through character profile i.e. Person section in My Jianghu game interface.

Character Personality Tags Edit

Just Entered Jianghu Everyone starts out with this tag.
Total of Good & Evil values is lower than 100.

Heroic  (Good ≥ 2 * Evil)

Good value is over 100 and doubled Evil value.

(Example 100 Good value, 50 Evil value)

Evil  (Evil ≥ 2 * Good)

Evil value is over 100 and doubled Good value.

(Example 100 Evil value, 50 Good value)

Lunatic (Evil ≤ Good ≤ 2 * Evil)
Good value is more than evil and does not meet requirements of heroic.

(Example 250 Good value 150 Evil)

Sinister (Good ≤ Evil ≤ 2 * Good)

Evil value is more than good and does not meet requirements of Evil.

(Example 250 Evil value, 150 Good value)

  • Team and finish instances with Heroic or Sinister players (+3 Chivalrous Points)
  • Kill an instance Boss
  • Kill an Evil player - such as a kidnapper (varies depending on evil level of enemy player)
  • Successfully escort a caravan with a good team (varies)
  • Help the needy
  • Rescue a dying person that is neutral or good. (varies)

Raising Evil Attribute Edit

  • Team and finish instances with Evil or Lunatic players. (+3 Evilness Points)
  • Kill a neutral (Just Entered Jianghu tag) player. (+1 Evilness Point)
  • Kill a Heroic or Sinister player. (+2 Evilness Points)
  • Kidnap and sell an offline player. (+1 Evilness Point)
  • Human trafficking
  • Raid a caravan. (+1 Evilness Point)

When a player’s name becomes red, the Constable will attempt to send him/her to prison.

Consequences Edit

  • Character alignment also affects how teams are labeled. The tag associated with the strongest player in a team determines if the team is labeled as being Heroic, Evil, Sinister or Lunatic. Players can check their party's alignment in party interface.
  • The alignment of a character changes others' perceptions. It can award new different titles based upon the difference between Evil and Confidence attributes values, new costumes and raise school reputation.
  • Unlocking unique Miracle/Random Encounters (it appears that a few Miracle Encounters require players to have a certain alignment to be triggered; story and conversation will change accordingly too - therefore, players may want to think twice before deciding which alignment to go for).
  • If a player is ranked first as the most heroic, evil, sinister or lunatic player, he/she will get a shiny title as reward!
  • Also, Shaolin Tier 3 Internal Skill requires players to be Heroic in order to get bonus effect.

Chivalry and Malevolence Categories and Titles Edit

These are documented in Chengdu ...

(This surely needs further editing in the future - name colours probably moved to Crime & Punishment section etc.)

Just Entered Jianghu


  • Jianghu Warrior
  • Doing Good Deeds
  • Uphold Justice
  • Jianghu Hero
  • Widespread Reputation
  • Benevolent & Righteous
  • Top Hero
  • Extreme Chivalry 1
  • Extreme Heroic 2
  • Extreme Heroic 3
  • Extreme Heroic 4


  • Wicked and Merciless
    • Unavoidable
    • Killer's Mannor
  • Merciless
    • Bloodthirster
  • Guilty
    • Killer's Manor - Orange name
  • Extremely Vicious
  • Atrocious
  • Devils
  • Commit all manners of crimes = Evil label 3600.
  • Full of Iniquities
  • Extreme Evil 1
  • Extreme Evil 2
  • Extreme Evil 3
  • Extreme Evil 4


  • Jianghu Maniac
  • Rambunctious
  • Rampage
  • Irrational and uncontrollable


  • Evil eye
    • Full Granary - yellow font
  • Threatening Evil Influence
    • Eminent in Glory - yellow font
  • Evil Influence
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