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Ancient Tomb Sect

The labyrinthine Ancient Tomb began its existence as an elaborate “Tomb of the Living”, sheltering the Taoist Wang Chongyang from his enemies. He maintained his ascetic lifestyle until he met his lover, the heroine Lin Chaoying. Finding life with her ultimately intolerable, Wang departed, leaving the tomb to Lin as her eternal home.

Lin Chaoying initially forbade men to join the sect, but in time, her position softened. Their affinity with the Taoist ways made them natural allies to the Wudang, where Taoist Zhang encourages his disciples to learn from their Ancient Tomb compatriots.

Allied School: Wudang

As practicing Taoists, the Ancient Tomb Sect and the Wudang are natural allies. Disciples of one school are encouraged to learn skills from the other.

Current Headmaster: Long Yuyou

Belying the ascetic tradition of the sect, the talented Long Yuyou maintains her romantic feelings for Elder Yang Xie, though their relationship is now no more than a civil one.

Faction Location: Yanjing - The Living Dead Tomb

Wang Chongyang, founder of the Taoist group Quanzhen, built the ancient tomb as a refuge from war. Its superb defensive features remain to this day, with its labyrinthine passages, devious traps, and spacious quarters to shelter people and provisions.

How to Join[]

Wudang Disciples:[]

Accept the task and acquire a Recommendation Letter from Immortal Ziyang.

Complete the Ancient Tomb Sect test to join the Faction.


Obtain information regarding the Ancient Tomb Sect from people in the Taverns.

Random Encounter:[]

You may be recommended via a Random Encounter.