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Sixfold Unity Array

The Sixfold Unity Array
(missing 5 participants)

An Array is a type of skill that requires multiple participating players to activate. When activated, all nearby teammates will gain temporary stat boosts depending on the type of Array. The participating players will also be able to use Array Attacks.


  • The Array leader must be a team leader or a raid team assistant.
  • Only players who have learned the Array can participate.
  • If the Array leader is a Weiqi Player with a Weiqi Board, the Array can provide additional stat boosts.
  • The Array's range (18–30 meters depending on the type of Array) is displayed on ground as a circle centered on the Array leader.
  • If a participant dies or leaves the Array's range for a few seconds, the Array will be deactivated.


Array Size Effects (Max Level) Obtaining
Three Talents 3
  • External damage is increased by 3%.
  • Attacks have 5% chance to reduce Internal Defense by 1%.
  • Twilight Village
Return to
  • Evasion is increased by 1%.
  • External and Internal Defenses are increased by 2%.
  • Green Cloud Castle
The Sixfold
  • Accuracy is increased by 5%.
  • 5% of damage taken is shared with the team.
Fishing Net 8
  • Enemies' Movement Speed is reduced by 7%.
  • Enemies' Evasion is reduced by 5%.
  • Movement Speed is increased by 5%.
  • External Critical Hit Rate is increased by 1%.</li
  • Damage taken is reduced by 2%.
  • 7% of damage taken is shared with the team.
  • Max HP is increased by ~1200.
  • When an array member dies, the teammates within 15 meters gain Yellow Armor for ?s and the HP buff lingers for ?s.
Falling Star 2
  • Accuracy is increased by 15%.
  • Attacked targets gain a stack. After 10 stacks, the target takes extra damage and the stacks reset to 0.
Three Ends 2
  • When hit, the player gains 30% damage reduction for 5s. After the damage reduction ends, the player gains 30% damage reflection for 5s. (Cannot be triggered again for 30s)
Blade Net 2
  • Attacks have a 30% chance to inflict a stack: slows down the target by 5% for 15s. If the target uses a Flying Skill, an additional stack is added. At 12 stacks, the target is paralyzed for 3s and receives continuous damage for 8s. When the effect is over, the target becomes immune to the stacks for 20s.
and Killing
  • Reduces Critical Hit damage received 16%.
  • When a target is seriously wounded, the player's Critical Hit Rate is increased by 3% and Critical Hit damage is increased by 6% for 14s. (Cannot be stacked)

Array Attacks[]

Every Array has its corresponding Array Attacks, which have to be learned separately.