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(Golden Diamond Soft Palm) Auspicious Beginning
Auspicious Beginning
(Golden Diamond Soft Palm) Auspicious Beginning (Description)
School Emei (skill list) Skill Set Goldem Diamond Soft Palm
Bonus Attribute
Weapon Type Range CD IF Cost Max Lvl
Barehanded Buff 22 Meters 6.0 s 3

Slowly circulate chi, accelerating the target's chi flow. This removes blood clots and jolts nearby enemies; When used on oneself, the movement can send enemies flying.

Lvl Additional HP Recovery per second* Duration Cultivation to lvl up IF Cost
1 27 3 20350 3
2 38 3 59000 7
3 53 3 140600 10
4 67 3 248950 14
5* 81 3 18
  • When used on a team mate at lvl 5 does 290 softness damage to target's surrounding enemies. Compared to when used on oneself, this doesn't do any knockback.
  • Total hp recovery= base hp recovery + skill recovery. This skill only recovers blood clots ie. yellow hp bar during battle.