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Bai Xiaosheng's Weapon Manual

Bai Xiaosheng's Weapon Manual is a bound item that can be used to permanently increase the damage of a weapon category. The weapon damage will increase when the user reaches point milestones.

The player can view their current bonuses by opening the Character Attributes menu (C) and selecting the Weapon Manual tab (knife icon).


There are three types of manuals. Using the manuals will not cost any cultivation points until reaching the 10th damage growth upgrade (+194 damage).

Manual Points Cultivation Point Cost
Normal 1 2 000
Medium 2 5 000
Superior 5 14 000

Weapon categories[]

Each upgraded weapon category boosts the damage of one or more weapon types. The categories are as follows:

Category Weapons  
Barehanded Barehanded, Thimble
Blade Single Blade
Double Blade Twin Blades, Twin Axes
Dagger Dagger, Ruler, Holy Fire Token
Double Stings Twin Daggers, Twin Rings
Sword Single Sword, Flute
Twin Sword Twin Swords
Staff Staff, Lance
Quarterstaff Quarterstaff
Hidden Weapon Darts, Needle, Rope, Pellet, Throwing Knife
Qimen Brush, Fan, Katar, Heavy Sword, Musician, U

Damage growth[]

There are 15 levels of damage, and to master any one weapon requires a grand total of 5023 points or 1005 Superior Manuals.

Lv. Damage Points Required (total)
0 +0 0
1 +5 1
2 +8 2 (3)
3 +11 4 (7)
4 +17 8 (15)
5 +26 16 (31)
6 +38 32 (63)
7 +58 64 (127)
8 +86 128 (255)
9 +130 256 (511)
10 +194 512 (1023)
11 +244 600 (1623)
12 +295 700 (2323)
13 +347 800 (3123)
14 +400 900 (4023)
15 +454 1000 (5023)


Source Manuals Requirements
Daily sign-in (odd days) 1x Normal VIP
Daily sign-in (even days) 2x Normal VIP
roulette (random chance) 2x Superior
Exploring Jianghu Exchange 1x Normal Cost: 200 EJ points
Exploring Jianghu: Wanted (Minor) 1x Normal
Exploring Jianghu: Wanted (Recognized) 1x Medium
Exploring Jianghu: Wanted (Known) 1x Superior
Exploring Jianghu: Wanted (Famous) 2x Superior
Spying Item Store's Manual Box One of the following:
  • 1x Normal
  • 1-2x Medium
  • 1x Superior
Cost: 10 school tokens
Repeatable Quest: Cultivate Often 1x Superior
Dongfang Family Completionist 20x Superior Complete all the Dongfang Family achievements.
Nangong Family Completionist 20x Superior Complete all the Nangong Family achievements.
Yanmen Family Completionist 20x Superior Complete all the Yanmen Family achievements.
Murong Family Completionist 20x Superior Complete all the Murong Family achievements.

Exploring Jianghu[]

  • At the bottom left of the screen, after hovering over the "My Battle" button, there is an icon which looks like a yellow with red colored flag titled "Exploring Jianghu". Here you do Faction Challenge runs and it's one of the ways to acquire Bai Xiaosheng's Weapon Manuals.
  • As you complete these challenge runs you accumulate points which you can then exchange for basic martial arts skill scripts, medicines that last one week or accelerate growth, and of course for 200 points you can receive a weapon manual.
  • During the challenge runs you will see a dagger icon next to various boss names. These are the "Wanted" opponents. When you defeat them you will receive a weapon manual and an Order of the Hero via in game mail. They call this sub-challenge "Once Wanted: Roaming the Four Seas".
  • Defeating wanted bosses on higher ranked challenges gets you more weapon manuals per wanted boss.
    • Minor challenges gives 1 weapon manual per wanted boss.
    • Recognized challenges gives 1 weapon manuals (medium) per wanted boss.
    • Known challenges gives 1 weapon manuals (superior) per wanted boss.
    • Famous challenges gives 2 weapon manuals (superior) per wanted boss.
  • When you get "A" ranks on challenges you have the chance to receive better loot, more points, and more time. Also when beating known or Famous by getting an A rank, you can receive superior intelligence,
  • When you complete 3 or 5 challenges of a single rank without resetting it, you will receive a "daily challenge" reward of a single Infiltrate and Investigate.
  • Challenge rounds can be reset 6 times per week (having in total 7 rounds). On the last round a manually selected boss yields double the weapon manuals received.
  • You can manually select the wanted boss once per round for free, otherwise it costs Silver Taels.
  • Once a week you can activate bonus mode. To do so you must complete 9 challenges in one round. In bonus mode you will receive double the weapon manuals.
  • You can invite a friend to help you up to 3 times a day.
  • There is an "Achievements" tab. Remember to check it from time to time because every achievement you reach you have to manually click the loot button which yields you a weapon manual via in game mail.