Since battles are seldom won by an individual, strategy and formations executed by a group of skilled fighters may be the key to winning. In Age of Wushu, team-oriented fights or even larger battles yield great rewards: these can be financial gains, physical items, and reputation across the Jianghu. A victory with a team usually means players have conquered an Influence Challenge or a Forbidden Area, prevented theft within their school, or even overtaken another guild’s territory. Mastering Arrays for these fights strengthens not only the individual players, but the entire party as well. They can also be used to counter an opponent's Array.

Arrays vary in both sizes and buffs. They improve 'strength' in combat, whether that is literally brawn or rather some other attribute, this depends on the Array. Some can be accomplished by a mere three players, while others require over ten to perform. The more players that are needed the bigger the buff. While quite powerful and flexible, Arrays depend heavily on the players using them; their power is optimized by the coordinated efforts of the participants.

There are three Array categories; most of them are mutually restraining (are in a relationship of restraining or being restrained).

Array Moves Edit

Every Array has its corresponding Array Moves, which are learned by studying Array Move Scripts.

Array Moves:

  • can be used only by Array participants
  • some can only be used by the player who setup the Array; if this person leaves the Array range, he/she will lose the ability to use them
  • the cooldown period of Array Moves does not interfere with that of other moves so it is convenient to use them together
  • have different Effects; the effect of some moves will be weakened or strengthened substantially when facing a Restraining Array and being effectively restrained

Acquiring Edit

There are several Arrays to acquire and learn, this being done through clearing instances or completing Random encounters. The Array Move scripts can be gained by completing missions and Random encounters.

Setting up Edit

  • The required number of players must team-up prior to use an Array
  • Only team members who have learned the Array can participate
  • Captain (Team Leader), Commander and Assistant can start an Array, by clicking its icon
  • The Array range will be displayed on ground as a circle centered on the person who set the Array
  • Every array has an "Array Eye" and its location depends on the array. If the person who is set as an Array Eye is killed or leaves the Array circumference for too long, the whole array will fail.

Jianghu Arrays Edit

There are currently six Jianghu (non-school) Arrays:

1) the Three Talents Array will be learned while training in the starting village/city; it's an excellent starting Array due to its availability and while it doesn’t directly adjust strength, but increases attack damage and reduces taken damage on members performing it, its effects showcase the variety in Arrays

  • Simple Array, requiring only 3 participants
  • range 18
  • Chi gathering time 30 seconds
  • duration 10 minutes
  • cooldown 10 seconds
  • Energy needed 20


  • increases Melee Damage attribute by 3%
  • adds a 5% chance to add 'Trinity Friend' status to the target - this debuff decreases its Internal skill defense attribute by 1% and lasts 3 seconds
  • prevents enemy from escaping

a) Wind And Thunder On The Plains

  • max distance 10 meters, fan-shaped radius
  • cooldown 10 seconds
  • Energy needed 30
  • ....
  • ....
  • ...

b) Charge and Break Through

  • cooldown 0.5 seconds
  • .....

c) Unified Spirits

  • cooldown 0.5 seconds
  • ....

d) Miraculous Healing Skill

  • ...
  • ....

e) After Rain the Sky Looks Blue

  • .....
  • .....

2) the Return to Origins Array will be acquired through a Green Cloud Castle instance quest

  • 6 participants needed
  • range
  • Chi gathering time
  • duration
  • cooldown
  • Energy needed


  • Evasion rate increase by 1%
  • External and internal skill defense increase by 2%

Return Tiger to the Mountain

Deal damage to the selected target

3) the Great Array of 28 Constellations

4) the Wind-Blown Sand Array

5) the Fishing Net Array

6) the Array of The Sixfold Unity


  • Internal and External Accuracy increase by 5%
  • Share 5% of incoming damage to your teammates.
    • Explanation: Boss damage is 1000. 5% * 1000 = 50 damage. 50 damage will be divide to other teammates within the array effect - the more people the less damage taken each member. The tanker will only take 95% damage

School Arrays Edit

Within Schools there are also Arrays, the Array's effects are also different for each school.

Guild Arrays Edit

Being in a guild enables players to use one of the six Guild Arrays:

  • the ...

Hidden Sect Array Edit

Mount Hua Sect:

Weiqi Player Bonuses Edit

The Weiqi Player Life skill is very important to Arrays. Like the other Cultural Life skills, this one enhances a particular aspect of combat or life. Weiqi board game utilizes different complex strategies. In Age of Wushu, Weiqi Players apply these strategies to the battle. If an Array is activated by a Weiqi Player, this will add a bonus dependent on the level of the Weiqi Player’s skill and their manual level. Using the right Array and the right partners in an Array can create a great advantage over opponents.

Usage Examples Edit

The two Forbidden Areas players enter the most, Twilight Village and Green Cloud Castle, are the best examples to see how an Array can help a team: choosing who leads, and what skills are used in the Array, adds to the excitement of being a master tactician. For example, using the 'Return to Origins' Array lets players use two very different skills, 'Charge and Break Through' and 'Return Tiger to the Mountain'. 'Charge and Break Through' exponentially increases aggro on a player allowing Array members to distract enemies like very powerful bosses. 'Return Tiger to the Mountain' deals extra damage while also reducing the target’s defenses. The latter can be taken by weaker players while stronger players can use the extra aggro to focus enemy attacks on them.

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