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Beast Villa Outfit

Beast Villa is a joinable Faction located in the southern suburbs of Beggar's Sect. The disciples fight Barehanded.

Originally not from China, the Beast Villa is allied with the Beggar's Sect. Known as an aggressive tribe, they treasure animals and keep them as companions and fighters.


Players can join the Beast Villa by meeting the entry requirements and talking to Guide in Beggar's Sect (589,853). The requirements are as follows:

  • Must be a member of no school, or be training away, or be disguised.
  • Must not have betrayed Beast Villa within 24 hours.
  • Character Strength ≥ Flows With Chi
  • Must own a pet or have Animal Remains.

Internal Skills[]

Internal Skill Type Max Level (Strength) Max Rage
Pronate Chi Skill Hard Yang 84 (Keep Your Own Counsel) 100

Martial Arts Skill Sets[]

The colored percentage number is the average scaling value for corresponding stats.

Skill Set Type Weapon Damage % % %
Dragon and Tiger Overlord Fist Yang Barehanded External 54

Random Skills[]

Skill CD Effects
Hunter's Wisdom 150s Checks if a beast can be tamed.
Soothing Wild Beasts 60s Attempts to soothe a beast.
Summoning Sacred Beasts 24h Summons a beast to assist in combat.
(Only the highest ranked tamer can cast this)
Defend the Leader with Loyalty 1s Signals the user's beast into a defensive state.
Attack with Tamed Beasts 1s Selects a target for the beast.

Members of Beast Villa must follow the rules set by school. Breaking the rules will increase the player's Discipline Value. If the player’s Discipline Value exceed 500, they will be kicked out of the school, which has the same repercussions as betrayal.

Repentance Letter[]

Repentance Letter
Repentance Letter can be used to reduce Discipline Value by 10 points.

Beast Hunting[]

Beast Hunting is a co-op boss battle. Anyone can participate in the battle for a chance to loot Animal Remains, Different Blood, Trap Recipes, and Beast Intimacy items.