Age of Wushu Wiki
Beggar icon

Begging is the only market skill available to all players.  It is used to beg from players and NPCs, holding them motionless for five seconds, and the beggar until the request is accepted or denied. There is a one minute cooldown after each attempt. The amount of silver requested depends on the skills used, ranging from 10 wen for Greasiness to 10 liang for Self Justification. The Beggars' Sect will take a fee ranging from 90% for a novice beggar to 50% for a legendary beggar.

The target player can choose to accept or refuse the request, and may also pay a bonus to receive additional bags.  These bags normally contain health or energy recovery items or raw materials, and may in rare cases contain extremely valuable items.

Paying a beggar also reduces Infamy by up to 300 depending on the level of beggar skill used.