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The Beggar is a marketplace Life Skill available to all players. Learning the Beggar Life Skill is one of the requirements to join the Beggar's Sect school. The skill is used to sell bags of random loot to other players, holding them motionless for five seconds or until the offer is accepted or denied. The cost of the bags depends on the begging skill used, ranging from Silver Taels 10 Wen for Greasiness to Silver Taels 10 Liang for Self Justification. The beggar only receives a portion of the money depending on their rank; the Beggars' Sect will take a fee ranging from 90% for a Novice Beggar to 50% for a Legendary Beggar.

Paying a beggar reduces Infamy by up to 300 depending on the level of beggar skill used.

Learning the Life Skill[]

The Beggar profession can be learned by paying Silver Coins 50 Wen Silver Coin to a Beggar Shifu located in all major cities.


To level up the Beggar rank, the user must gain experience points by offering bags to other players. These bags normally contain health or energy recovery items or raw materials, and may in rare cases contain extremely valuable items.

The target has 60 seconds to respond to the offer. The beggar will gain same amount of experience points regardless of whether the offer is accepted or refused. The begging skill has a 60-second cooldown after each attempt.

The basic begging skill (Greasiness) can be obtained from the Beggar Shifu. The other begging skills can be obtained from Influence Challenges and Forbidden Instances.

Skill Vigor Bag cost Bag contents Obtaining  
Self Justification 9 Silver Taels 10L Forbidden Instance
Quick of Eye and Deft of Hand 9
Confidence 9
Give an Exaggerated Account of Things 9
Eyes Brimming with Tears 6 Influence Challenge
Forced Selling 6
Have a Ready Tongue 6
Come Straight to the Point 3
Nod and Bow 3
Greasiness 3 Silver Taels 10W Cow Dung Beggar Shifu

Daily Tasks[]

The Daily Task can be started by talking to the Disciple NPC standing next to Beggar Shifu.

Rank Daily Task Reward  
9: Legendary
8: Grand Master Successfully beg from players 8 times. 750 Beggar Exp. Letter
7: Master Successfully beg from players 7 times. 600 Beggar Exp. Letter
6: Illustrious Successfully beg from players 6 times. 480 Beggar Exp. Letter
5: Artisan Successfully beg from players 5 times. 360 Beggar Exp. Letter
4: Expert Successfully beg from players 4 times. 300 Beggar Exp. Letter
3: Journeyman Successfully beg from players 3 times. 240 Beggar Exp. Letter
2: Apprentice Successfully beg from players 2 times. 180 Beggar Exp. Letter
1: Novice Successfully beg from a player. 150 Beggar Exp. Letter