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This beginner's guide is intended to help make Age of Wushu a less painful experience for beginners by addressing common issues and questions. To access the game, see: How to download Age of Wushu.

Character creation[]

In Age of Wushu the first thing the player must do is create a character. This is not a choice that should be made lightly as the player can only have one character per account. This adds weight to the decisions, and is a unique and intentional feature of Age of Wushu. When deleting a character, there is a 48-hour protection period in which the character can be reclaimed; only after it, a new character can be created.


The character's name can be changed after character creation, but it is very expensive to do so. The Name Change Document can be purchased from the game's Cash Shop. The item costs 99 Gold.png Gold, which can only be obtained by spending real money.


Wudang male.png

The character's appearance is entirely aesthetic. It can be changed by purchasing a Makeover Certificate from the game's Cash Shop at the cost of 30 Gold.png Gold.


The character's gender cannot be changed after character creation! The game contains gender-locked content, such as single-sex schools and the marriage system (same-sex marriage is not possible in the game). Additionally, some costumes only have male or female variants.


During character creation, the player may choose from one of four different backstories:

  • Phoenix Pledge
  • The Tale of Tianshan Sword
  • The Nameless Sword
  • A Scholar’s Legend

Depending on the backstory chosen, the player character will start in a different village and has a different main questline.


Main article: School

During character creation, the player must choose one of ten available Great Schools. This choice doesn't actually have any consequences during the character creation - all new players will enter the world as a schoolless character and can only join a school after they have finished the short tutorial. However, since some of the schools are gender-locked, players should decide their path during the character creation.

The character can only be an active member of one school at a time. The player's school choice is very important: each school will give the player access to a different set of Martial Arts Skills and Internal Skills. Alternatively, the player can choose to join one of the alternative types of schools: Reclusive Factions or Factions. It is possible to leave a school and join another, but this process may cause the player to lose their learned skills.

What level am I?[]

There are no generic character levels in Age of Wushu, but the game still tracks the player's progress as they level up their Internal Skills. This is done via strength titles: the first and weakest strength title is called Weak Body and Mind, and the strongest one is called Recover Your Original Simplicity. The player can check the strength of any online or offline player by hovering their mouse over their character. The player's own strength can be checked in the Character Attributes menu (default shortcut key C).

Why are my gathering Life Skills failing?[]

Non-VIP cannot use gathering Life Skills (Miner, Hunter, Farmer, Woodcutter, Fisherman) unless they purchase the Gathering Secrets book. The item can be purchased in Jinling (1140,1571) for 250 Liang Silver Coins.png Silver Coins. However, this trade is not available to fresh beginners; the player's strength must be Flows With Chi or higher to qualify for the trade.

Where is everyone?[]

Online players typically hang out in Chengdu. Some popular areas are listed below. To understand the abbreviations used by the community, see Age of Wushu terminology.

Scene (area) Coordinates Server time
Chengdu (Bank) (738,676) 24/7
Chengdu (Marketplace) (775,631) 24/7
Chengdu (Huanhua Creek Herbal Hall) (1040,840) 24/7
Chengdu (Impart Knowledge) (836,673)
07:30 - 09:00
13:30 - 15:00
19:30 - 21:00
Chengdu (Team Practice) (999,999) 23:59

How do experience points work?[]

Main article: Experience

Experience points can only be used to gain cultivation points, which can be used to train skills. The experience-to-cultivation conversion is passive and occurs every 100 seconds. The player's VIP subscription status affects the conversion rate:

Player Passive Experience Conversion
Non-VIP 1 experience point for 266 cultivation points every 100 seconds
VIP 1 experience point for 380 cultivation points every 100 seconds

The player can gain experience points with almost any action, including fighting, swimming, jumping, and completing tasks. One of the easiest ways to gain a large amount of experience points is to do the Spy Mission. The player can only have a maximum of 999 experience points.

How do cultivation points work?[]

The cultivation points can be used to...

  • Level up Internal Skills
  • Level up Martial Arts Skills
  • Level up Advanced Flying Skills
  • Open Meridian acupoints with Manual of the Core scripts

Cultivation points do not have a cap, and having a lot of unused cultivation points is desirable because opening Meridian acupoints costs millions of cultivation points. Cultivation points can also be used to open temporary bank slots, but most would consider it a complete waste of points. It's highly recommended for beginners to focus on spending their cultivation points to level up their Internal Skills.

Using cultivation points[]

Players can use their cultivation points in the Cultivation Menu. The menu can be opened by clicking the "meditating man" icon on top of the player's red HP bar. The menu has three options:

  • Internal Cultivation: passively use cultivation points to train a skill
  • Practice Martial Arts: spend Silver Coins.png Silver Coins or Silver Taels.png Taels to use a random amount of cultivation points to train a skill
  • Team Practice: play a co-op minigame to use a large amount of cultivation points to train a skill

Internal Cultivation[]

During Internal Cultivation, the player's selected skill will slowly use cultivation points to level up. It it recommended to always have Internal Cultivation active. If the player has purchased the VIP subscription, the Internal Cultivation will remain active even if the player is offline. Free-to-play players can leave the game running while away from keyboard to train their skills. The school area is a good place to go AFK because the player can gain a passive +10% experience conversion buff from School Patrol. The School Patrol is only available to members of a Great School; it is not available to members of a Reclusive Faction or Faction.

Practice Martial Arts[]

The Practice Martial Arts option allows the player to spend Silver Coins.png Silver Coins or Silver Taels.png Taels to speed up skill training. Practice Martial Arts is not a good use of Silver Coins in the long run - the Murong Flower Garden is a lot more useful. Taels are extremely valuable and beginners should not be spending them to train skills.

Team Practice[]

The Team Practice requires multiple players, up to 10, working together to play a button input mini-game to use cultivation points to train a skill. The player can cultivate with Team Practice until their fatigue reaches 100% (100,000 cultivation points used). Fatigue will reset to 0% at midnight in-game time.

Team Practice is most commonly done in Chengdu at coordinates (999,999), and the area is most populated around 23:59 in-game time. A message that says "TP 25 +7" would mean "We are doing a 25-round Team Practice, and we're missing seven players". VIP players can reach 100% fatigue in a single 25-round Team Practice if nobody fails.

How to grow stronger?[]

There are many different ways to grow stronger in this game. Understanding how experience points and cultivation points work is an important part of character growth.

Internal Skills[]

Main article: Internal Skills

The Internal Skills provide stats to the user. There are many different Internal Skills, and the player can have only one Internal Skill active at a time. Leveling up Internal Skills costs cultivation points.

The Kidney Foot Meridian's acupoints.


Main article: Meridians

The Meridians provide stats to the user. There are many different Meridians, and beginners can have up to 3 Meridians active at a time. To increase the maximum level of a Meridian, its acupoints must be opened by cultivating specific Internal Skills to high enough levels.

Weapon Manuals[]

Main article: Bai Xiaosheng's Weapon Manual

The Weapon Manuals are a type of item that permanently increase the damage of a weapon type. There are many different ways to obtain Weapon Manuals.


Main article: Equipment

The equipment provide stats, particularly defense and attack damage. Some good basic equipment can be obtained from the main questline. Better equipment can be crafted and enhanced by players, but beginners cannot afford to buy them. The Relaxation Points can be traded for some basic weapons. School NPCs provide untradeable equipment that boost school-specific Martials Arts.

The equipment in Age of Wushu have no level requirement, with the exception of Treasure and Jade Dolls.

Martial Arts Skills[]

Main article: Combat#Martial Arts skills

Martial Arts Skills are all the combat skills. Leveling up the skills costs cultivation points. When cultivating a Martial Arts Skill, it's worth using an Annotation Book to reduce the cultivation cost by 5%.

Beginners should avoid leveling their skills to a high level because their energy costs will skyrocket, rendering the beginner unable to use their skills. All Martial Arts Skill sets have a rage move. Because the rage moves cost no energy to use, they can safely be leveled up to the maximum level.

Flying Skills[]

Main article: Flying Skills

The Flying Skills are jumping, dashing, and sprinting abilities that can be used in and out of combat. The basic Flying Skills are fairly cheap to buy from the player market in Chengdu, but only subscribed players can make the required money easily.

Which activities should I be doing?[]

The world of Age of Wushu is massive and filled with all kinds of activities. Below are some newbie-friendly activities with good rewards.

Spy Missions[]

After joining a school, the player can do Spy Missions up to five times per day. The Spy Mission provide a lot of experience points, Silver Coins.png Silver Coins, Jackdaw Herbs, and School Certificates. The School Certificates can be used to unlock higher level Internal Skills. If the player is a Herbalist, they can use the Jackdaw Herbs to create powerful experience conversion pills (Green Pills).

Impart Knowledge[]

The Impart Knowledge is a simple button input mini-game similar to Team Practice. It provides a significant boost to experience conversion. To participate, the player must go to the School Instruction Administrator NPC located in all major cities and schools. This activity is available daily during the following server times:

Server time
07:30 - 09:00
13:30 - 15:00
19:30 - 21:00

Murong Flower Garden[]

A flower growing in the garden.

After obtaining 100 Family Tokens from repeatable Four Families quests, the player can go to the Rosy Clouds Villa in Suzhou (792,1768) to trade the tokens for 10 Garden Certificates. This will allow the player to start their own flower garden.

The flower seeds can be bought with Silver Coins.png Silver Coins, and the planted flowers can be harvested in 12 hours. The flowers can be exchanged for valuable rewards, including Weapon Manuals that can permanently increase the user's damage.

Warning: if the garden is not visited for 10 days, the player will lose access to it and they must start a new garden.