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The Blacksmith is a manufacturing Life Skill that allows the player to forge, enhance and disassemble weapons. All forging recipes include materials created by Miner and/or Craftsman Life Skills.

Players can learn the skill by purchasing it from a Blacksmith Life Shifu. Upon learning the skill, the player will gain access to the Blacksmith identity titles and can accept the daily task.

Learning the Life Skill[]

The Blacksmith profession can be learned as either a primary manufacturing skill or a secondary manufacturing skill from a Blacksmith Shifu located in all major cities. Players who have already learned two other manufacturing skills cannot learn Blacksmith until they abandon one of the Life Skills.


If the player has not learned a manufacturing Life Skill yet, they can learn Blacksmith as a primary manufacturing skill for Silver Coins 500 Wen Silver Coin. The primary manufacturing skill can be leveled up to rank 10 (Epic).


If the player has already learned a different primary manufacturing Life Skill, they can learn Blacksmith as a secondary manufacturing skill after leveling their primary manufacturing skill to rank 9 (Legendary) and paying Silver Taels 200 Liang Tael. The secondary manufacturing skill can only be leveled up to rank 9 (Legendary).

Weapon Forging[]

The player can forge a weapon if they...

  • have a forging tool in their backpack,
  • have learned the necessary recipe,
  • have all the necessary materials,
  • and have a Workbench (if required).

Most recipes will create a weapon of a random quality (wood, iron, copper, silver, gold, or jade). The quality is affected by the Life Skill's rank: higher rank players are capable of crafting higher quality weapons. The quality affects the weapon's base damage and cannot be upgraded.


Dart Book

A dart recipe.

Blacksmith recipes need to be unlocked by reading recipe books. They can be acquired from chests in Faction Challenges, Forbidden Instances, and Random Encounters. Leisure Points can be exchanged for basic recipes.


The Workbench is an item used for manufacturing. The player will need a...

  • level 1 Workbench to craft a class 3 weapon.
  • level 2 Workbench to craft a class 4 weapon.
  • level 3 Workbench to craft a class 5 weapon.

If the Workbench is bound, the manufactured weapon will be bound. Forging class 1, class 2, and Hidden Weapons do not require a Workbench.

Leveling the Life Skill[]

Blacksmith experience points are needed to level up the Life Skill's rank. The experience points can be obtained from crafting weapons, doing the daily task, and playing a Life Skill Duel minigame. Leveling up the Life Skill will improve the quality of forged weapons, allows the player to enhance stronger weapons, and unlocks new Life Skill Duel skills.

Life Skill Pills[]

Medium ruyi pill

Life Skill pill.

Pills can be used to temporarily boost Life Skill experience gains. The only pill readily available in the current version of the game is Medium Ruyi Pill. The pill triples all Life Skill experience gains for 30 minutes and can be purchased from the Spying Item Store at the player's own school.

Daily Tasks[]

The daily task is an item fetch quest that can be started by talking to the Apprentice NPC standing next to Blacksmith Shifu. The task can be done once per day. Reaching a new Life Skill rank will allow the player to complete an additional daily task for the day.

Note: Thin Darts are wood-quality weapons and therefore cannot be crafted by players whose Blacksmith rank is 3 or higher. Since Thin Darts are needed for the rank 8 & 9 tasks, the player will need to acquire the weapons from a lower rank Blacksmith or the market to complete the task.

Rank Daily Task Reward  
10: Epic
9: Legendary 1x Thin Darts (mislabeled as Zuxia Darts) 750 Blacksmith Exp
8: Grand Master 1x Thin Darts 750 Blacksmith Exp
7: Master 600 Blacksmith Exp
6: Illustrious 480 Blacksmith Exp
5: Artisan 1x Tai Yang Needles 360 Blacksmith Exp
4: Expert 1x Bone Combining Pellets 300 Blacksmith Exp
3: Journeyman 1x Bone Combining Pellets 240 Blacksmith Exp
2: Apprentice 1x Youming Throwing Knives 180 Blacksmith Exp
1: Novice 1x Normal Throwing Knives 150 Blacksmith Exp

Life Skill Duel[]

Blacksmith Gem Match board

The Life Skill Duel board.

The Life Skill Duel is a match-3 style game that can be played with the Blacksmith NPC or other players to gain experience points. Challenging the NPC earns more experience points than playing with players.

The objective of the game is to reduce the opponent's health to 0 by matching three types of items:

  • Matching 3 or more identical colors will give the player energy that can be used to cast duel skills.
  • Matching 3 or more fists will give the player action points that can be used to attack with a tool.
  • Matching 3 or more skulls will deal damage to the opponent.

Duel Skills[]

Each manufacturing Life Skill has its own set of 10 duel skills. Blacksmiths have a good selection of useful skills, which makes it very easy to level up the Life Skill with the minigame.

Up to 5 skills can be used in the minigame. To change the skills, open the Life Skill menu (default key I), select Blacksmith and click Gem Attribute. New skills can be unlocked by reaching a higher Blacksmith rank. The duel skills do not need to be unlocked for secondary manufacturing Life Skills; they are all unlocked by default.

Skill Effects Rating  
Airing Deals 6 damage to the opponent. Ok.
Tempering Converts all the board's red items into green items. The player gains 3 defense per converted color for 5 turns. Bad. Blacksmiths need red energy far more than green energy.
Carburate Debuffs the opponent for 5 turns: only 1 energy and 1 action point is gained from each match. Bad. It's not worth spending red energy to cast this.
Filtrate Ore Increases the player's action points by 10. Doesn't end the player's turn. Very good.
Normalizing Removes the selected item from the board. The opponent's energy of the selected item's color will be halved. Doesn't end the player's turn. Ok. Can be used to set up a match of four.
Melt Ore Removes all purple items from the board. The player gains 5 defense per removed item (the buff will not expire). Bad. Spending energy to boost defense will slow down the minigame.
Anneal Makes the opponent skip two turns. If the player's yellow energy is higher than 5, the opponent will skip an additional turn. Extremely good.
Copperize Converts all the board's yellow items into fists. Good.
Rust Removal Removes all fists from the board. The player gains 1 action point for each removed fist. Very good when used after Copperize.
Forge And Press Attacks the opponent twice using the player's equipped tool. Extremely good. Deals 48 damage when using the strongest tool.

Identity Outfit[]

Blacksmith outfit

Blacksmith Identity Outfit (male)

The top 10 Epic Blacksmiths with the highest weekly Ranking Points will receive an Identity Outfit by mail. Ranking Points can only be gained by crafting weapons. The Identity Outfit can be worn for 14 days.

Leaderboards can be viewed at My JianghuRank.