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The Blacksmith is a manufacturing Life Skill that allows the player to create, enhance and disassemble weapons. Players can learn the skill by purchasing it from a Blacksmith Life Shifu. Upon learning the skill, the player will receive the title Blacksmithing Novice and can perform the Blacksmith Daily Task. To use the Life Skill, the player must have a blacksmith hammer in their backpack.

Learning the Life Skill[]

The Blacksmith profession can be learned as either a primary manufacturing skill or a secondary manufacturing skill from a Blacksmith Shifu located in all major cities.

If the player has not learned a manufacturing Life Skill yet, they can learn Blacksmith as a primary manufacturing skill for Silver Coins.png 500 Wen Silver Coin. The primary manufacturing skill can be leveled up to rank 10 (Epic).

If the player has already learned a different manufacturing Life Skill, they can learn Blacksmith as a secondary manufacturing skill after leveling their primary manufacturing skill to rank 9 (Legendary) and paying Silver Taels.png 200 Liang Tael. The secondary manufacturing skill can only be leveled up to rank 9.

Players who have already learned two other manufacturing skills cannot learn Blacksmith until they abandon one of the Life Skills.

Daily Tasks[]

Rank Daily Task Reward
10: Epic
9: Legendary
8: Grand Master Forge Thin Darts 750 Blacksmith Exp. Letter
7: Master 600 Blacksmith Exp. Letter
6: Illustrious 480 Blacksmith Exp. Letter
5: Artisan Forge Tai Yang Needle 360 Blacksmith Exp. Letter
4: Expert Forge Bone Corbining Pellets 300 Blacksmith Exp. Letter
3: Journeyman Forge Bone Combining Pellets 240 Blacksmith Exp. Letter
2: Apprentice Forge Youming Throwing Knives 180 Blacksmith Exp. Letter
1: Novice Forge Normal Throwing Knife 150 Blacksmith Exp. Letter

Identity Outfit[]

Blacksmith Identity Outfit (male)

The top 10 Epic Blacksmiths with the most Blacksmith points will receive an Identity Outfit by mail. The Identity Outfit can be worn for 14 days.

Leaderboards can be viewed at My Jianghu → Rank.