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The Blacksmith is a manufacturing life skill that allows the player to create weapons. Players can learn the skill by purchasing it from a Blacksmith Life Shifu for 500 Wen in Silver Coin. Upon learning the skill, the player will receive the title Blacksmithing Novice and can perform the Blacksmith Daily Task. To use the life skill, the player must have a blacksmith hammer in their backpack.

Daily Tasks[]

  • Blacksmithing Novice (Blacksmith's Letter 1 (150 Life Skill Experience))

    Top blacksmith outfit

    • Forge Normal Throwing Knife from Normal Throwing Knife Book
  • Blacksmithing Apprentice (Blacksmith's Letter 2 (180 Life Skill Experience))
    • Forge Youming Throwing Knives from Normal Throwing Knife Book
  • Blacksmithing Journeyman (Blacksmith's Letter 3 (240 Life Skill Experience))
    • Forge Bone Combining Pellets from Immortal Bullet Book 
  • Blacksmithing Expert (Blacksmith's Letter 4 (300 Life Skill Experience))
    • Forge Bone Corbining Pellets From Immortal Bullet Book
  • Blacksmithing Artisan (Blacksmith's Letter 5 (360 Life Skill Experience))
    • Immortal Needle Book: Tai Yang Needle
  • Illustrious Blacksmith (Blacksmith's Letter 6 (480 Life Skill Experience))
  • Master Blacksmith (Blacksmith's Letter 7 (600 Life Skill Experience))
  • Grand Master Blacksmith (Blacksmith's Letter 8 (750 Life Skill Experience))
    • Forge Zixia Dart from Heaven Net Dart Book (The actual dart is labelled as Thin Darts in game.)