Age of Wushu Wiki
Bath the World with Blood
Throw the heart digging blaw out, bind enemies in the selected area for 2 seconds and deal 132-132 points of Yang damage. (2 hits) The bound enemies will be affected by Bloody Death Blade, and then they will burn friendly targets in 5 meters around, last 6 seconds.
Weapon: Rope        CD: 12 seconds        Energy: 30
Use the flying claw to drag the enemy towards you, dealing 184-191 points of Yang damage. (1 hit)
Weapon: Single Blade        CD: 8 seconds    Energy: 30
Chaotic Battlefield
Charge skill. Deal 157-164 points of Yang damage (2 hits) At the same time, the skill will burn the target and make them take continuous damage, last 6 seconds. Can be used in the air to quickly approach the enemy
Weapon: Single Blade          CD: 6 seconds       Energy: 30
Bloody Battle
The move opens the world, the bloody war can assuage eight directions, wield blade to strike the ground to knock down enemies and deal 157-164 points of Yang Damage (1 hit) Cost 3 floors of Blood Thirsty Will to attack endure state for this skill.
Weapon: Single Blade     CD: 10 seconds      Energy: 30
Bloody Dust
Deal 74-81 points of Yang damage (1 hit) to enemies infront of you. If you break your targets parry, you inflict Red Dust to enemy, whose attack power is greatly reduced and can only be recovered slowly.
Weapon: Single Blade        CD: 2 seconds      Energy: 30
Kill With a Borrowed Knife
Seek Revenge for the smallest grievance, let the enemie pay with blood for blood. Each successful parry will give you 1 floor of Bloody Thirsty Will (can stack 3 times) Make this sets attacks attach 20% hp draining effect and each attack will cost 1 floor of Bloody Thirsty Will.
Weapon: Single Blade        CD: 1 seconds     Energy: 15
Kill Indiscriminately
Bathe in blood and burn the sky, chop once with all your strength to deal 157-164 points of Yang Damage (1 hit) to enemies infront of you. The lower your hp is the more damage the skill does.
Weapon: Single Blade       CD: 8 seconds     Energy: 30
Bloody Edge
Blood Killing. Like eating raw meat and drinking blood, kick over the target, kill with a dagger, and cause 459-466 points of Yang damage (7 hits) Drink the enemies blood at the same time to heal your own wounds. Blood Drinking effect is 20% (Attacking will be parried and having no effect on Blood Drinking)
Weapon: Single Blade          CD: 10 seconds       Anger: 50