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(Bone Corrosion Palm) Blood Stops in Seven Steps
Blood Stops in Seven Steps
(Bone Corrosion Palm) Poison Fist (Description)
School Wanderer's Valley (skill list) Skill Set Bone Corrosion Palm
Bonus Attribute
Weapon Type Range CD IF Cost Max Lvl
Barehanded Attack - Charge 3.0 meters 6.0 s 7

A charging attack. Circle your front leg and attack with brutal palm strikes that penetrate the skin to deal 58(+19) points of Yang damage. (Total of 3 hits, each hit doing about 25 points of damage.)

This movement also adds the Blood Stanching effect; if the enemy is already in the Erode the Heart state, the two poisons will mix to form the Blood Frozen in Seven Steps. This effect takes time but gradually slows the enemy's movement speed. When the poison takes effect the enemy falls down and sustains damage.

(This movement can be used with flying skills to quickly approach the enemy.)