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Players can issue bounties on other players for a minimum of 10 bound Liang. This can be for many reasons, from raiding their stall to killing them over and over. If a player has an infamy above 2000 he turns into a criminal and a bounty is issued by the government in any case.

Players must lower their Infamy to under 2000 to remove themselves from Bounties.

If the player is killed by another player and his infamy is above 2000 the player will go to jail any time regardless of a bounty or not.

Only player who are constables can claim the bounty. Constables can kill criminals without raising their infamy, other player can kill a criminal and only experience a small increase in infamy.

Difficulty: ??
Available Time: ??00:00-24:00 S/M/T/W/T/F/S??
Max Times: -- ?
Reward: ??

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