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Calligrapher (also known as Scholar) is a cultural life skill that allows the player to create scrolls which :

  • give experience for other life skills
  • reduce the amount of points required to cultivate Internal Skills
  • when equipped, give one random stat to the ---

Players can learn the skill by purchasing it from a Scholar Life Shifu for 80 Wen in Silver Coin. Upon learning the skill, the player will receive the title Calligraphy Novice and can perform the Calligrapher Daily Task. To use the life skill, the player must have a calligraphy brush in the backpack.

Daily Tasks[edit | edit source]

Top Calligrapher outfit

  • Calligraphy Novice (Calligrapher's Letter 1 (150 Life Skill Experience))
    • Copy calligraphy "Wen"
    • Copy calligraphy "Tea"
  • Calligraphy Apprentice (Calligrapher's Letter 2 (180 Life Skill Experience))
  • Calligraphy Journeyman (Calligrapher's Letter 3 (240 Life Skill Experience))
  • Calligraphy Expert (Calligrapher's Letter 4 (300 Life Skill Experience))
  • Calligraphy Artisan (Calligrapher's Letter 5 (360 Life Skill Experience))
    • Copy calligraphy "Seeking Flowers Along the River Bank Alone"
    • Copy calligraphy "Leave Baidi City in the Morning"

      Top Calligrapher Outfit (Female)

  • Illustrious Calligrapher (Calligrapher's Letter 6 (480 Life Skill Experience))
    • Copy calligraphy "Tomb-sweeping Day"
    • Copy calligraphy "Lodge in Landlord Qiu's at Autumn Night"
  • Master Calligrapher (Calligrapher's Letter 7 (600 Life Skill Experience))
    • Copy calligraphy "Lodge at the Beigu Mountain"
    • Copy calligraphy "Crossing the Ocean of Lingding"
  • Grand Master Calligrapher (Calligrapher's Letter 8 (750 Life Skill Experience))
    • Copy calligraphy "Love Lotus (Part 2)"
    • Copy calligraphy "Seven-charactered Ancient Poem-Farewell to Li Yun at Xietiao Pavilion in Xuanzhou"
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