The Age of Wushu cash shop is a rather substantial part of the business model of the game besides the VIP subscription packages. The shop contains

  • cosmetic clothing items (usually with time limit)
  • exclusive mounts (time limited, usually 30 days)
  • exclusive weapons and skills
  • potions to increase speed, flying skills, cultivation speeds
  • Boxes with resources otherwise produced by Gathering Life Skills
  • Script cases to increase proficiency in Manufacturing Life Skills
  • Script cases to double resource gain in Gathering Life Skills
  • Eggs from the Easter Egg Hunt seasonal events (egg breaking is a VIP only feature it seems?)
  • Fireworks
  • Lore collectible cards
  • Name change service
  • Inventory increase bags and boxes (30 days, 24 slots addition each)

Items are purchased with a special Gold currency.

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