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Rope Weapons/Flying Claw Weapons: Hidden Weapon of Royal Guards.

Has single-target and group damage skills. This is a ranged weapon and some claw on rope skills (see below for list) are ineffective in close range.


When using this skill set it is best to manage the distance you are from your opponent. It works best if you use this set with Wild Goose Flying Skill (drop from Twilight Village any mode or from Random Encounter) or Jump Across the Cloud (Faction Drop) to keep a long distance when you use Ghost Claw Explores Darkness. You will want to close the distance to use The Scent of Bloodshed (spin). The launch speed is important. The fastest launch speed is Ghost Claw Explores Darkness (the pull). White Bones Claim the Soul (stun) and Ghost Shadow Scares Goose (break defense) are slower than the pull, so you will want to increase your evasion while breaking parry because enemy will just pull you before your attack lands.

The pull also adds damage to the spin, so for most damage you will want to pull your opponent then spin.

Desert Ghost is a weak rage attack, but with a meridian skill point you can have it activate immediately after spin, adding lightning fast damage combos. Or you may want to save the rage for another skill set's rage attack. I sometimes save it to use Soul Departs in Nine Turns (Soul Losing Blade rage) because at level 7 it does over 1000 damage without critical hits. If you are a Tangmen using a claw set, you might want to save rage for Swallow the Whale (Golden Snake Sting rage) which does much more damage than the claw rage.

Ingame shop claws[]

Flying Claw of Delirium - Free after joining the Royal Guard School

Crude Flying Claw - 1 Liang at Weapon Shop

Simple Flying Claw - 2 Liang at Weapon Shop

Damascus Iron Flying Claw - 3 Liang at Weapon Shop

Crafted Claws[]

Skeletal Flying Claw[]

Wood - Book of Green Wolf Flying Clow (obtained from blacksmith Shifu)

Heart-Penetrating Flying Claw[]

Iron - Immortal Flying Claw Book

Daylight Flying Claw[]

Copper Tier 1 - Immortal Flying Claw Book

Flying Claw of Acupoints[]

Copper Tier 2 - Taihua Flying Claw Book

Ghost Shattering Flying Claw[]

Silver Tier 1 - Taihua Flying Claw Book

Delicate Flying Claw[]

Silver Tier 2 - Swallow Feather Flying Claw Book

Flying Claw of Silkworms[]

Jade Tier 1 - Clound Breaking Flying Claw Book


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