Besides normal PvE combat there are many PvP options: 

Arenas Edit

Player can setup arenas anywhere in the world. This PvP feature is a great option to test skills in a confined space and improve strategies prior to fighting in the world outside the arena.

Battlefields Edit

Battlefields are team based dueling providing Experience; moreover, with the Meridian system drawing heavily on Combat, players can get more Chi to activate those new skill points and harness more strength from internal skills.

There are two Battlefield locations to choose from (their environment having different Regions to leap across or run up and initiate combat):

Both arenas have two modes that players can select:

  • Power Competition, a point based mode that scores teams for the kills that they have made
  • Death Mode, a faster and more intense scenario, not allowing respawns and without time limit. The last team standing at the end of the battle is the victor.

Another distinctive feature of this mode are the Secret Association Experts (SAE). During the battle a random player will be designated as a higher priority target for a team. Killing this player will result in a buff for the team that kills him/her. A team can focus too much on the SAE buff though leaving themselves open to attack from their opponents.

School Wars Edit

School wars are weekly event between randomly matched school and their allies.

Guild Wars Edit

Guild Wars is a PvP combat feature between Guilds.

Bounty Edit

Bounty can be put on a player's head to give other player a reward if they manage to kill the target.

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