Age of Wushu Wiki

Age of Wushu has a huge spectrum of different types of skills:

  • Active External Martial (Wu) & Spell (Chi) Combat Skills - usually called Martial or Chi "Moves"
  • Passive Internal Combat Skills (Neigong, think passive abilities like buffs) - usually called "Internals"
  • Flying Skills (Quinggong, think flying, swimming, running up walls etc typical for Kung Fu movies)
  • Life Skills (for gathering resources, crafting etc)

Active/External Skills[]

Active ("external"/"elemental") combat skills in Age of Wushu come in different types:

Wu/Martial Skill

Chi/Spell Skill

Rage Skill
Buffs and debuffs actively applied during combat (contrary to the chosen Internal Skill which remains active once triggered until swapped and applies only to the player) Similar to Martial Skill, attacks used actively in combat
rock-paper-scissor system While channeling a Chi move a player is left open to attacks, so be wise when using them because not only are you vulnerable, but being struck while channeling will cancel your Chi move. Rage moves need sufficient Rage to be build by the basic Martial Skills to be unleashed but then can cause devastating damage.

Skill Attributes[]

All Internals have attributes. If an internal is active it affects external active skills ("Moves") that are triggered IF the latter have the appropriate corresponding attributes:

Tai Chi.png
Tai Chi (Opposites) attribute ...
Yin (Moon/Darkness) attribute ....
Rou (Soft) attribute ...
Yang (Sun/Light) attribute ...
Gang (Hard) attribute ...
... boosts Tai Chi moves' damage by 20%. ... boosts Yin & Soft moves' damage by 20%. ... boosts Yang & Hard moves' damage by 20%.
... boosts all other moves' damage by 16%. ... boosts Tai Chi moves' by 16%; ... boosts Tai Chi moves' by 16%;

Internals usually have two attributes while external (Martial and Chi) usually have 1. Try matching skills of the same attribute together and activate a corresponding Internal Skill to gain the full effect of the attacks (bonus damage). That means a player attempts to learn skills that complement each other as internal and external as much as possible - which can come from different schools or other sources.

Skill example.jpg
1: This is a martial skill of the "attack" type with a Hard attribute. 2: This skill belongs to the skill set Weituo Stick Skill. It can only be used with a long staff weapon. It will only work on targets maximum 3 meters away. The cooldown is 6 seconds. It will consume 7 internal force. 3: This skill deals 67-69 initial base damage. It is an external (elemental) skill. It deals over 3 hits additional 27 damage per hit. Targets that are slowed down are receiving additional damage if you have the buff "Put on shoes". The skill benefits from combination with Flying skills.


Each skill has an individual cooldown (CD) time (2). After you use/cast a skill, it will enter its CD. However, there is also another type of CD called Shared CD.

  • When any skill is cast all other skills in the same skill set (block, feint will enter a shared CD of 1 sec
  • When any skill is cast, all other skills in other skill sets will enter a shared CD of 7 sec
  • The shared CD restriction prevents the continuous comboing of skills from different skill sets, this restriction does not stop you from using parry stances at any time

Skill Damage[]

The Yellow number (3) is the base skill damage (including weapon base damage and weapon damage upgrades). The Base damage growth is a fixed value and is equal to lv1 skill damage * modifier. Armors and weapons can have several upgrades to boost a certain skill's damage by 10% each (up to +40% damage, this boost is not displayed in the skill tooltip).

Source of Skills[]

There are no such thing as "Classes" or "Jobs", your character can learn every single skill/move in the game, although some skills are extremely rare and hard to come by.

Some skills belong to schools or factions or such, others do not. Due to this skills can have very different ways of how they can be acquired.

Skills are learned from books often referred to as "Scripts". Scripts are books/scrolls that contain teaching material for a certain skill/move.They can be obtained from:

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