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The Changfeng Escort Agency is a joinable Reclusive Faction located in Jinling. The disciples fight using the Spear weapon.


Graduation | Betrayal[]

This image explains the outcomes of different ways of leaving the Changfeng Escort Agency school in the game Age of Wushu.

Ingame window

Internal Skills[]

Internal Skill Type Max Level Max Rage
Force of Heaven Dragon 49 (Infallible Martial Arts Master)
Cloud-surpassing Mental Skill 72 (Keep Your Own Counsel )

Martial Arts Skill Sets[]

The colored percentage number is the average scaling value for corresponding stats.

Skill Set Type Weapon Damage % % %
Master's Lance Skill Spear External
Family Yue's Lance Skill Spear External

Random Skills[]

Skill Effects
Spear of Flaming Sun Deals certain ammount of damage. Paralizes enemies for 2 seconds and applies Burn to them. Burn: Loses HP over time for 5 seconds.
Celestial Dragon Roar Deals great damage to nearby enemies. Grants a 2-second Yellow Super Armor. Causes enemies to be in a flummoxed state for 3 seconds.
Dragon Swiping Spear Charges toward the target, dealing some damage and stunning the target for 2 seconds.
Horse-urging Gallop Escorts of Changfeng Escort Agency can mount horses while in battle. Does not apply to Young Donkey and Mule.

Members of Chengfeng Escort Agency must follow the rules set by school. Breaking the rules will increase the player's Discipline Value. If the player's Discipline Value exceeds 500, they will be kicked out of the school, which has the same repercussions as betrayal.

Rule Discipline Value
Do not have high killing will Yellow name +10 / Red name +20 / Pink name +40
No Escort Spar +20
Must not be bounty pursued +20
Must not be tagged as Evil or Neutral +10 when it occurs / +5 every hour
Don't harm fellow school members +40

Repentance Letter[]

Repentance Letter
Repentance Letter can be used to reduce Discipline Value by 10 points. Daily Task will reward the player with one Repentance Letter (Changfeng Escort Agency).

Permanent Faction Gear[]

Wind and Thunder Tokens can be exchanged for permanent gear. The gear is Gold-quality, Class 3, 4 and 5, and the Wind and Thunder Token can be used to upgrade the pieces to Class 6 and 7. The gear provides a set bonus that boosts the Master's Lance skillset.

Item Wind and Thunder Token cost (non-vip) 
Armor (4 Pieces) Class 3 30
Class 4 60
Class 5 90
Weapon Class 3 44
Class 4 90
Class 5 134

Changfeng Escort Agency, the world's First Escort Agency is headquartered in Jinling, with many divisions and subdivisions. Changfeng disciples have a reputation for adhering to retributive justice and striving to live up to their commitment to discharging duties, which inclines real heroes to join the school and some Escort industry people to begrudge Changfeng's being successful

School Origins[]

Guo Haotian, Deputy Head of Changfeng Escort Agency was originally the Elder of Beggar's Sect Clean Begsuit Faction (Clean Clothes identity). He got appointed the title of Changfeng Deputy Head because he and Changfeng Headmaster Wen Yicheng have known each other very well since both of them were nobody, as well as Di Guan, the former headmaster of Changfeng has consented to his appointment. Xiao Tianfang, headmaster of Beggar's Sect and former headmaster of Changfeng Escort Agency Di Guan are tight. But that doesn't mean disciples of Beggar's Sect don't have to abide by escort rules when they work in Changfeng escorting people's deliveries. This is the reason why all disciples of Beggar's Sect will lose their Beggar's Sect membership once they join Changfeng.

School Internal Skills[]

Celestial Dragon Force (Force of the Heaven Dragon), a unique internal created by Di Guan, former headmaster of Changfeng Escort Agency when he was middle-aged. At the time of it's creation, Di Guan have been roaming Jianghu for years, which led him to the motto of "A seasoned escort never pushes people too far.". That's why this internal helps it's bearer store up strenght. When this internal is cultivated to some advanced level, the user will be adept at rapidly switching between offensive and defensive moves.

Lingyun Mental Skill (Cloud-surpassing Mental Skill), a unique Changfeng Internal created by Di Guan in his later years. Defensively using this Internal is like a light breeze blowing the mountain - Nobody hurts. Offensively using this Internal is like shocking thunder panicking the world - The world sees bloodshed