Age of Wushu Wiki

Character Strength is a title based on the player's strongest Internal Skill. Everyone begins their journey with the Strength of Weak Body and Mind. As the player cultivates their Internal Skills to higher levels, their Strength gradually improves, unlocking new content in the game.

For tables showing the exact level requirements, see: Character Strength / Power Level Table.

Accuracy & Evasion[]

Strength affects the character's Accuracy and Evasion. If the target's Strength is higher than the attacker's, the attack has an increased chance of missing.

Unlockable Content[]

The following table contains an ascending list of unlockable content in Age of Wushu. Due to the game's inconsistent translation, several Strength titles have alternative names - these alternative titles are included in brackets in the table.

Character Strength Unlocks
Weak Body and Mind
Lacking Understanding
First Understanding
Roulette
Can join Xu Family Manor
Forbidden Instance: Twilight Village (Prologue)
Untapped Potential
Heart of the Devil
Realized Potential
Can join Golden Needle Sect
Egg Breaking Game
One With Nature
Treasure Hunting
Can form Oath of Friendship
Forbidden Instance: Twilight Village
Martial Intuition
Flows With Chi
Can join Beast Villa
Forbidden Instance: Green Cloud Castle (Prologue)
Spiritually Balanced
Mentally Balanced
Forbidden Instance: Longmen Inn (Jin Huaiyu Route)
Forbidden Instance: Peacock Villa (Prologue)
Expert of Self
Can join Peach Blossom Island
Male players can join Rootless Clan
Female players can join Palace of Shifting Flowers
Main Quest: 6th Internal Intro
Peak of Power
(Max Level)
Equipment: Jade Doll
Forbidden Instance: Green Cloud Castle
Forbidden Instance: School Instance
Forbidden Instance: Longmen Inn (Brigand Route)
Forbidden Instance: Cloud Valley
Forbidden Instance: Gymnastics
Enlightened Virtuoso Male players can join Palace of Shifting Flowers
Infallible Martial Arts Master
Forbidden Instance: Peacock Villa
Grand Master
Repeatable Quests: Demon Gate Token Tasks
Forbidden Instance: Bat Cave
Forbidden Instance: Jiuyuan Walled City
Forbidden Instance: Delightful Island
Matchless in Kung Fu
(Divine Talent)
Forbidden Instance: Yin Goufang
Shock the World
(Astound The World)
Forbidden Instance: Qingyao Palace
Forbidden Instance: Uncontested Secret Area
Forbidden Instance: Yanmen Pass (Rebel Force Line)
Shake the World
(Rocking Heaven and Earth)
Surpass the World
(Unprecedented Power)
Forbidden Instance: Desert Ghost Town
Forbidden Instance: Jinling Incident
Overawe the World
(Awe of the Universe)
Can open the Sign-In Reward Pack
Main Quest: Silent Temple Mysteries (Chapter 4)
Forbidden Instance: Yanmen Pass (Defender's Path)
Unique Forbidden Instance: Hidden Valley
God and Man in Harmony
Keep Your Own Counsel Main Quest: Silent Temple Mysteries (Chapter 5)
Can open 1st acupoint of Yang Heel Vessel - Hidden
Can open 1st acupoint of Yin Heel Vessel - Hidden
Recover Your Original Simplicity Bragging rights.