Age of Wushu Wiki

Minimum Specifications[]

CPU: Intel Pentium 2.4GHz Processor (or equivalent processor)

Memory: 1GB

GPU:NVIDIA GeForce6600 Graphics Card (or equivalent graphics card)

Video Memory:128MB


Hard Drive:10G of Free Space

Recommended Specifications[]

CPU:Intel Pentium Dual-Core E6 Series (or equivalent processor)


GPU:NVIDIA GeForce9600GT and Higher Graphics Card

Video Memory:512MB


Hard Drive:10G of Free Space

How to Run AoW On Linus Using Wine[]

  • Version of Game Client: Latest Version
  • Version of WINE: 1.5.19
  • Version of Ubuntu: 12.10.x64

Method 1

  1. Copy from game client: \path_to_game\Age of Wushu\bin the following 2 files: d3dx9_35.dll & gdiplus.dll
  2. Paste it in your home directory under: \home\username]\.wine\drive_c\windows\system32
  3. With winecfg, make sure you set Default OS to Windows 7
  4. With winetricks, install the followings: d3dx9_35 & gdiplus
  5. In winecfg at Library tab, add dwrite, edit and set to disable
  6. Start game from a new shortcut or from terminal with the following command: wine fxlaunch.exe -no-dwrite

Method 2 Is the same as Method 1, but skip the following steps: 1), 2) & 5)

Method 3

Previous to step 1), you need to:

  1. Use winetricks to install all fake fonts, Chinese, Japanese, etc.
  2. Need to install both in Linux fonts and wine fonts(\home\[username]\.wine\drive_c\windows\Fonts\) the game fonts.


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