Infamy[edit | edit source]

Killing a player raises infamy by 400, with an additional 50 for finishing them off.  Increasing infamy will cause a person's name to turn orange (>0), red (>2000), and purple (>8000).  The upper limit for Infamy is 10000.  If a person has >0 infamy, any of their enemies can apply a bounty.

Infamy decays at a rate of 80 per ten minutes while >= 2000, 90 per ten minutes while <2000, and not at all while >8000.

Players with infamies >5000 will occasionally encounter randomly spawning NPCs which will attack the player on sight in an attempt to kill the player and place them within jail.

Bounties[edit | edit source]

The minimum bounty is 10 Liang.  Bounties may be applied when killed (unless justified), or against any enemy with infamy above 0.  Player characters with outstanding bounties have an orange swirl effect.  Bounties can be removed by killing enough constables before being jailed.

Constables[edit | edit source]

Characters with 0 infamy may apply for constable status, which is indicated by a blue swirl effect.  Constables can attack and kill characters with outstanding bounties at any time to jail them.

Jail[edit | edit source]

Once killed by a constable, player characters with outstanding bounties are jailed until their infamy reaches 0 again.

Each 10 Liang of bounty is equal to 20 minutes of jail time. 

A jailed player character may pay taels at the rate of 30 Infamy per Liang.

If a player character is jailed with >8000 infamy, the government will schedule them for an execution.  In the hour prior to execution, a jail break can be accomplished.  If executed, the player character's infamy will be reduced to 0 and they will receive a 24 hour debuff which allows anyone to attack to player without receiving a bonus.

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