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(Crying Stick) Cry For The World
Cry For The World
(Crying Stick) Cry For The World (Description)
School Beggars' Sect (skill list) Skill Set Crying Stick
Bonus Attribute
Weapon Type Range CD IF Cost Max Lvl
Short Stick Feint None 2.0 s 7 5

Attack the sky and ground, deal (23~25)(+10) points External skill of damage (For a total of 1 hits, each hit does about 34 points of damage.) to enemies in front of you, if the attack breaks a parry, then it will seal the enemy's feet acupoints, causing the enemy to lose massive Internal Force for 15 seconds when using Flying Skills.

At the same time ignite "Wine Mist" on the enemy (The damage the target takes will increase along with stacking levels of Drunk State on yourself).