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In Age of Wushu, various types of skills can be leveled up by using Cultivation Points. This process is known as cultivation. The Cultivation Points can be acquired by converting Experience into Cultivation Points.

For tables showing the exact amount of Cultivation Points and time needed to level up a skill, see: Cultivation calculations.


Experience is a unit earned from doing various activities. Over time, the game automatically converts Experience into Cultivation Points. Players can use various consumables and other methods to speed up the Experience-to-Cultivation conversion process. Each character has 5 different Experience pools with a total capacity of 999 points.

VIP vs. Non-VIP[]

VIP players get 100% of the converted Cultivation Points. Their base conversion rate is 380 Cultivation Points/100 seconds.

Non-VIPs only get 70% of the experience converted into Cultivation Points. The remaining Experience is still converted but added into a redemption pool from where it can be unlocked by spending gold. The Non-VIP base conversion rate is 266 cultivation points/100 seconds.

Conversion Enhancing Pills[]

Experience conversion enhancing pills can be used up to a total of 35 times per week to temporarily improve the conversion rate.

Item Boost Duration Obtaining  
Jackdaw Herb +25% 10 min. School Spying
Spying Item Store
Forbidden Instance
Influence Challenge
Yellow White Pill +50% 20 min. Life Skill: Herbalist
Chi Accumulation Pill +100% 30 min. Life Skill: Herbalist
Spying Item Store
Palpitation Relieving and Vital Energy Regulation Pill +150% 45 min. Life Skill: Herbalist
Green Pill +250% 60 min. Life Skill: Herbalist
Heart of the Devil
Heavenly Origin Soul Pill +250% 60 min. Daily Activity
Heartfelt Prayer
Jianghu Hermit's Trial
Egg Breaking Game
Finding Books

Other Conversion Boosts[]

Method Speed Duration  
PVP Arena (loss) +5% (max. stack 5 times) 10 minutes
PVP Arena (win) +10% (max. stack 5 times) 10 minutes
School Patrol +10% until you quit
Guild Patrol +30%
Life Skill: Divinator +10% to +450%
Impart Knowledge instant


Only 1 selected skill can be cultivated at any given time. 'Cultivating a skill' basically means transferring cultivation points from the pool of cultivation points to the selected skill. As for exactly how to cultivate a skill, there are 3 available methods. Please look at this picture:

Cultivation 1

Method 1: Internal Cultivation[]

This is the basic training method. This method passively cultivates your selected skill at the base rate of 45 cultivation points/15 seconds. This base rate would be increased if your character is at a sacred site relevant to your selected skill. It is recommended to make sure that this method is in use, if the other two methods are not in use.

Method 2: Practice Martial Arts[]

This method requires the player to spend silver. You may spend 50 to 100 Liang of Silver Coins everyday to purchase any of the 3 pills. The more expensive the pill, the more cultivation points could be transited to your selected skill. Emphasis on the auxiliary verb could; the actual amount is random. Practice Martial Arts also can be performed with Silver Taels, with a limit of 150 liang per day. Details regarding this option are not yet clear.

Players are recommended to max out their daily Practice Martial Arts Silver Coin limit. And also, when performing Practice Martial Arts, making sure that the medallion does not stop spinning will increase the amount of skill cultivation.

Method 3: Team Practice (TP)[]

Of the three, this method is by far the most efficient and rewarding. There are 4 different versions of TP:

  • 10 rounds
  • 15 rounds
  • 20 rounds
  • 25 rounds

The maximum number of players in the team is 10. It is highly recommended to have 10 people, because that leads to the highest rate of cultivation. It is also highly recommended that TP be conducted at a sacred site relevant to the participants' selected skills, as doing so would result in bonus cultivation that does not count towards fatigue (continue below for a definition of fatigue). It used to be (in the CN version) that conducting TP inside a city or a school will lead to a lower cultivation rate, but that is no longer the case (pending confirmation).

Before starting, confirm that you have at least 100,000 cultivation points to spare, that you do not have 100% fatigue, and that you have a skill selected.

Team Practice 'Minigame'[]

  • Members of the team will take turns playing the minigame. When it is your turn, any combination of the ←,↑,↓,→,J, and K keys will appear (the arrow keys can be substituted by WASD). Press the combination in the shown sequence to complete the minigame.
  • Messing up a key during the sequence will require you to start all over again.
  • If a member of the team fails the minigame, all members of the team do not gain cultivation for that round, and their combo chain is broken. Needless to say, the higher the combo, the more efficient the cultivation.
  • The first person on the team has the easiest combinations, and the last person on the team has the most complicated combinations. Order your participants accordingly (if possible).
Cultivation 2

Example of key combination for the 10th person


  • Team Cultivation 7 (fatigue display)

    top right information panel from TP

    Every 1,000 cultivation points leads to a +1% fatigue increase, resulting 100,000 points total. When your character accumulates 100% fatigue, skill cultivation through team practice is no longer available.
  • Fatigue is reset daily at midnight Central Time.
  • VIP players will reach 100% fatigue faster than non-VIP players, as they convert 30% more cultivation points than non-VIP players.
  • Assuming that everyone in your team completes their minigames successfully, the fastest way to reach 100% fatigue is to do 25 rounds, then do 10 rounds, for a total of 35 rounds.
  • Currently, the only way to check your fatigue % is to set up your own TP (it is unnecessary to actually start it). It is then displayed at the top right corner of your screen (along with other information).
  • Bonus cultivation (such as from being at a sacred site) does not count towards fatigue.


  • Before going AFK, many players take a few minutes to go to their school's scenes, activate school patrol status, and then sit at the school's sacred site. This is not to increase the experience-to-cultivation conversion rate, but to increase the cultivation-to-skill conversion rate (i.e. through Internal Cultivation).
  • For the same reason as above, some players also make the effort to get to a sacred site before starting to do something in-game that would require them to stay immobile for a while (for example, practicing the qin).