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There are four types of main currency in Age of Wushu: Silver Coins, Taels, Gold, and Bank Notes. Other types of currency include the Relaxation Points and Expert Points.

Silver Coins, Taels, and Bank Notes come in three different units: Wen < Liang < Ding.

  • 1000 Wen = 1 Liang
  • 1000 Liang = 1 Ding

Types of Currency[]

Silver Coins
Silver Coins.png

Silver Coins are a currency bound to the character and cannot be used for trade between players. Silver Coins can be used to purchase some items from NPCs, to use Practice Martial Arts, to pay stagecoach fees, to pay Life Skill fees, etc. Depending on the player's subscription status, there are daily spending limits for Silver Coins. Once a limit has been reached, the player has the option to use Taels instead.

Status Carry limit Daily spending limit Practice Martial Arts limit
Non-VIP 8 Ding 360 Liang 50 Liang
VIP 10 Ding 360 Liang 50 Liang
Young Hero Master 10 Ding 410 Liang 100 Liang

Some ways of obtaining Silver Coins are listed below:

Obtaining from... Silver Coins.png Silver Coins Requirements  
Forbidden Instance 15L per boss Strength requirement to enter (varies)
Influence Challenge varies Jianghu Reputation (varies)
Spy Mission 5L per information (max. 50L) Must be a member of a school.
Kidnapping varies Contract item.
Guild Escort 20L - 25L per escort
Must be a member of a guild.
Cost: 4.5L Silver Coins
Heart of the Devil 50L Strength ≥ Untapped Potential

Silver Taels.png

Taels are a currency not bound to the character and are used for trade between players. They are often referred to as "unbound Liang/Wen/Ding". Taels can be used when the player has reached their daily spending limit for Silver Coins.

Some uses of Taels include...

  • Buying/selling between players.
  • Upgrading gear.
  • Buying Flying Skills and other rare books from the Random Encounter NPCs.
  • Putting a bounty on criminals.
  • Bribing guards to get out of jail.
  • Speeding up cultivation using Practice Martial Arts.

Taels can be purchased from the Snail Games official website with real money ($3 for 100 Liang) through credit card or PayPal. Some in-game ways of obtaining Taels are listed below:

Obtaining from... Silver Taels.png Taels Requirements  
Kidnapping 0 - 12.5L VIP, Contract item, specific time only
Offline jobs 0 - 50L VIP, Offline and employed
Martial Arts Blessing 45L, 80L, 100L, 150L, or 200L VIP, Daily activity > 140 points
Martial Arts Celebration Gift Card 0, 10L, 50L, 100L, or 150L VIP, Strength ≥ Peak of Power


Gold is a premium currency that cannot be obtained through normal gameplay and must be bought with real money ($3 for 10 Gold) through credit card or PayPal. It is used to purchase the VIP subscription and items from the Cash Shop. The Cash Shop items include Identity Outfits, Horse Whistles, Annotation Books, and sometimes Martial Arts Skill Sets.

To purchase Gold, the player can click the "Top Up" button from the in-game Cash Shop interface (this opens the Snail Games' official website) or via Amazon (no longer available).

Gold can be converted to Bank Notes at a rate of 1 Gold per 10 Liang Bank Notes.

Bank Notes[]

Joint Deletion[]

Bound deduction

When Joint Deletion is enabled, it is possible to automatically spend Taels instead of Silver Coins when the player does not have enough Silver Coins or their use is restricted. To enable deduction, the player must select the Joint Deletion option on the bottom left corner of their backpack interface.