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Darts are used for long range PVP/PVE this is a common weapon in the school Tangmen.

Different Kinds of Darts[]

Since Darts are Vital for Tangmen's "Vertigo Dart" skill set. darts that are used are also a element of damage in the skill. Note:the darts that are made by a Blacksmith is RANDOM that is why other books has 2 darts when forging them.

Normal Dart Book: This can be plainly Bought at the Blacksmith and can be used to Learn and Forge the most basic darts that Tangmen can use. .

  • Flying Fish Dart:  Damage 6 - 6
  • Snake Scale Dart: Damage 8 - 10

Flying Apsaras Dart Book:​  Right-click to learn how to make darts. These hidden weapons are fit for characters of First Understanding strength.

  • Crow Darts: Damage 14 - 18
  • Soul Parting Darts: Damage 19 - 25
  • Bloody Crow Darts: Damage 24 - 32

Heaven Right Dart Book:  soon

'Sun and Moon Dart Book:' soon

'Heaven Net Dart Book:' soon

'Sacred Gate Dart Book:' soon

'Tianji Dart Book:' soon