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Death occurs when a player's HP and Energy reach 0. The player will lose some Silver Coins Silver Coins and must choose one of the available recovery options. Committing suicide with the Break Meridians skill will not cause the player to lose any Silver Coins Silver Coins.

Players can die from fall damage, by drowning, self-inflicted damage or by being attacked. If the player was killed by another player, they can add the perpetrator to their enemy list. Death is disabled during friendly PvP duels.

If the deceased player was participating in an Array, the Array deactivates. If the player had a bounty or if their Infamy was greater than 2,000, they will be sent to jail. If the player's Infamy was greater than 8,000, they will be sent to death row.

Seriously Wounded[]

When a player's HP reaches 0, they will become seriously wounded and will gradually lose Energy until they die. The seriously wounded enter a 1-minute assist period during which they can be revived by another player.


Anyone can revive a seriously wounded player by left-clicking their body. This will affect the healer's Alignment. If the target is Neutral Neutral, Heroic (1) Heroic, or Lunatic (1) Lunatic, the healer will gain a Good Point. If the target is Evil (1) Evil or Sinister (1) Sinister, the healer will gain an Evil Point.

Disciples of the Golden Needle Sect can learn an additional revival skill, Blood Transfusion. Disciples of Emei can learn Green Lotus Script, an Internal Skill that automatically revives the user when their HP reaches 0.

Skill Range CD Effect Requirements
Standard Revive 14m 0s After channeling for 5s, the healer gives up 80% of their maximum HP and revives the target to 50% HP.
  • Target is seriously wounded and in assist period.
  • Healer's HP > 80%
Blood Transfusion
(Lv. 12)
20m 120s After channeling for 3s, the healer gives up 30% of their current HP and revives the target to 70% HP and Energy.
  • Healer is using a Needle.
  • Target is seriously wounded.
  • Target and healer are in the same team.

Recovery Options[]

After dying, the player has 3 minutes to choose one of the available recovery options. If the time runs out, Recover In Town will be automatically used.

Recovery Option Effects
Recover Nearby The user revives at the nearest Herbal Hall.
Recover in Town The user revives at the player's saved Herbal Hall.
Mild On-Site Healing Uses Silver Coins Silver Coins to revive with 50% HP and 100% Energy at the current spot.
On-Site Healing Uses Silver Taels Taels to revive with 100% HP and 100% Energy at the current spot.

On-Site Healing[]

The On-Site Healing options can only be used a total of 10 times per day. For example, if the Silver Coins Healing is used 8 times, the Silver Taels Healing can only be used 2 more times. After the third heal, subsequent healing costs increasing amounts of money.

Heal Cost
1 Silver Coins 8L Silver Taels 16L
2 Silver Coins 8L Silver Taels 16L
3 Silver Coins 8L Silver Taels 16L
4 Silver Coins 8L 800W Silver Taels 17L 600W
5 Silver Coins 11L 200W Silver Taels 22L 400W
6 Silver Coins 15L 200W Silver Taels 30L 400W
7 Silver Coins 20L 800W Silver Taels 41L 600W
8 Silver Coins 28L Silver Taels 56L
9 Silver Coins 36L 800W Silver Taels 73L 600W
10 Silver Coins 47L 200W Silver Taels 94L 400W