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Defying Evil is a biweekly event for Cultivation Pills and the Bonfire skill. All Heroic (1) Heroic players can participate in this event, but the event must be initiated by a member of the Xu Family Manor. Members of the Xu Family Manor gain extra rewards from the event.


Defying Evil invitation

The event invitation at 20:03.

This event is available twice a week. Members of the Xu Family Manor can join the event only once per week, but everyone else can participate both times.

Server time
20:00 - 20:40
20:00 - 20:40

All available members of the Xu Family Manor will receive a popup message at 20:00 to initiate this event and have 3 minutes to accept it.

If the event is initiated by at least one member of the Xu Family Manor, all available Heroic (1) Heroic players will receive an invitation at 20:03 and have 30 seconds to accept it.

How to participate[]

Defying Evil (toolbox)

The toolbox.

The participants will be teleported to Luoyang where they must complete various objectives. To complete the objectives, the players must pick up a toolbox from the ground and use it to gain access to three skills.


  • Kill 10 ninjas: use the first skill in the toolbox while standing near transparent enemies to reveal them.
  • Disarm 12 traps: use the second skill in the toolbox while standing near a trapped treasure chest.
  • Console 15 escorts: talk to the Escort NPCs to console them.
  • Extinguish 20 fires: use the third skill in the toolbox to extinguish fires.

After all the objectives are completed, a boss will spawn and must be defeated to claim the rewards.

Boss: Lin Feng OR Feng You[]

This boss doesn't deal high damage but has a lot of health.


Boss Loot[]

Players who participated in the boss battle can roll for boss loot. The Campfire Skill is not rare but will not always appear.

3x Annotation Book: Black Ink Ruler (unbound)
1x Lin Feng's Head OR Feng You's Head
0-1x Campfire Skill (level 1)

Mailed Rewards[]

All participants will receive mailed rewards after the boss is defeated. Players who leave the team or leave the scene before the team naturally dissolves will not receive the rewards. Disconnecting will cause the player to be booted from the team.

Participant's School Item
Xu Family Manor 7x 10,000 Cultivation Conversion Pill
1x 300 Reputation Scroll (Xu Family Manor)
8x Jade Ruler Order
2x Villa Leader Order
1x Hero Chivalry Token
Other 12x 10,000 Cultivation Conversion Pill
0-1x Silver-quality Workbench (unbound)