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Delightful island

Entrance:Yanyu Villa (490,771)

Strength Required: Divine Talent, Tier Four Internal Skill Level 35


Ye Jinglou tries to escape from Delightful Island with the Yang Talisman of Life, but he is held by the elusive Hell King. News of his capture attracts the Ten Ultimates, as well as pirates from foreign lands. Rebel fighters take this opportunity to stage an open revolt so they can leave the island. Will the Hell King make an appearance at last, asserting his supremacy over the island at any cost?


1. Delightful Island is attacked by pirates. Wharf Manager Liu Yun needs your help. He asks you to find his disciple nearby and get the whistle to summon a condor. Pick up the explosive bucket near the wharf, and bombard the assigned pirate targets from the air. 2. A band of elite pirates has infiltrated Delightful Island from the west. Liu Yun wants you to go to Mind Cleansing Pond and defeat pirates coming from Quicksand Beach. Confront the pirates and their leaders, Haneshiba Kinomasa and Ukita Kou.

3. After the pirate leaders are defeated, Li Zhong appears. He claims that he is resisting the Hell King, ruler of Delightful Island, and asks you to join his cause. You are to escort him to the Drunken Immortal Tavern and help him kill one of Hell King's four lieutenants, Tu Baishou, known as the butcher. You encounter the tavern owner but he runs into to a locked room immediately. There, you must defeat him and his two pets.

4. Meet Li Zhong at the gate of Delightful Manor. Follow him to the Tender Land, Delightful Island’s main brothel. There, Li Zhong is poisoned by a toxic mist, which has shrouded the entire area. Find the antidote, and then defeat Qin Rongrong, madam of the Tender Land. Another lieutenant of the Hell King falls.

5. You learn that Hell King is at the Residence of Leisure, where you meet Lord of the Delightful Manor, Mu Tianxing. You must slay him before finding the Hell King.

6. After you defeat Mu Tianxing, you discover a secret passage in Residence of Leisure, leading to numerous ambushes and traps. You see the pirate leader Haneshiba Kinomasa behind one of the doors. You must defeat him again before going any further.

7. You cannot open the giant stone gate alone, so find your allies. Behind it, you finally find Hell King in the depths of the dungeon. Kill him.


  • Martial Merit Token
  • He Family Jade Fragment (Used to exchange for Elder Tier 5 Internal Skill Pages and Elder Jianghu Martial Arts