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(Departing Sting Manual) Departed Kin
Departed Kin
(Departing Sting Manual) Departed Kin (Description)
School Emei (skill list) Skill Set Departing Sting Manual
Bonus Attribute
Weapon Type Range CD IF Cost Max Lvl
Double Stings Attack None 8.0 s 7

Jump into the air and charge as you descend, inflicting (53~55)(+2) points External skill of damage (For a total of 1 hits, each hit does about 73 points of damage.) on enemies in the area of effect; If the enemy is stunned as a result of the Loathesome Clouds and Rain state, he will be knocked into the air and will suffer extra damage. This won't occur if you use the effect while on the ground.

The higher the number of your Parting Sorrow, the more damaging the movement is.