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The Divinator is a Life Skill available to VIP players. The skill can be used on other players to provide Experience conversion speed bonus (Future) and player tracking (Fortune). The skill is very expensive to level up.

To join Peach Blossom Island, the player must have learned Divinator.

Learning the Life Skill[]

The Divinator profession can be learned by paying Silver Coins 1 Liang Silver Coin to a Divinator Shifu located in all major cities.

To level up the Divinator rank, the user must gain experience points by performing divinations. After gaining enough experience points, the user must purchase expensive items from the Divinator Shifu to unlock higher ranks.


To provide divinations to other players, the Divinator must...

  • have enough Vigor
  • have a divination compass (purchased from Divinator Shifu)
  • either be in divination stall mode (VIP required), or target a recipient and click "Predict Future".

In addition, the recipient must have enough Silver Coins Silver Coins or Silver Taels Taels to pay the interpretation fee.

While in divination stall mode, the Divinator must be online and present to accept any divination requests; divinations are not automatically accepted.


The Future divination will boost the recipient's experience conversion by a random amount for 60 minutes. The conversion boost is anywhere between 10% and 450%. It is possible to provide the maximum 450% boost as a rank 1 Divinator, but higher level Divinators have better chances to provide bigger conversion boosts.

After receiving a Future divination, the recipient has the option to pay additional money for a reroll in hopes of getting a stronger boost.


The Fortune divination is used to help other players track down their blood enemies. The higher the Divinator level, the longer the tracking duration.


When performing divinations, the recipient must pay an "interpretation fee" in either Silver Coins Silver Coins or Silver Taels Taels, regardless of any Tael charges set by the Divinator. The fee raises with the skill's rank.

After gaining enough Life Skill experience points, the player will automatically receive a quest to purchase an expensive script from the Divinator Shifu. The player will be unable to gain any more Divinator experience points until they purchase the item.

Rank Script Silver Coins Fee Silver Taels Fee  
10: Change Fate
9: Grand Master Silver Taels 3 D
8: Master Silver Taels 3 D 132 L 76 L
7: Illustrious Silver Taels 2 D
6: Legendary Silver Taels 2 D
5: Expert Silver Taels 1 D
4: Silver Taels 1 D
3: Journeyman Silver Taels 500 L
2: Apprentice Silver Taels 500 L
1: Novice 20 L 11 L

Identity Outfit[]

Divinator outfit

Divinator Identity Outfit (male)

The top 10 highest ranked Divinators with the most Divinator points will receive an Identity Outfit by mail. The Identity Outfit can be worn for 14 days.

Leaderboards can be viewed at My Jianghu → Rank.