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Divine Water Palace

The Divine Water Palace, once one of the eight reclusive factions, has now resurfaced to uphold peace and stability in the region. The precious Divine Water is a panacea against all kinds of insect venoms.

The Divine Water Palace is one of the Reclusive Factions in Age of Wushu. Like the Emei, the Divine Water Palace only allows female characters to join their ranks.

Internal Skills[]

Xuanyuan Water Tactics[]

Divine Water Palace's 1st Internal skill. Shoots damaging water bubbles at enemies.

  • Attribute: Yin and Soft
  • Max Level: 49

Tidal Wave[]

Divine Water Palace's 2nd Internal skill. Buffs the user and debuffs the enemy.

  • Attribute: Yin and Soft
  • At level 48 third affect activated shifting tidal wave (health regeneration)
  • at level 52 is it possible to entry qinqyao palace, Desert ghost town and hidden valley
  • Max Level: 72

Martial Arts[]

Water Tactics[]

  • Weapon: Barehanded
  • Damage type: Soft
  • Main stat: Breath

Shock of Snow[]



  • Must not be bountied.
  • Must not be drunk or undressed.
  • Must not be a constable.
  • Must not be a kidnapper.
  • Must not have any killer titles.
  • Must have zero infamy.
  • Must be female.
  • Must be Emei or without a school.
  • Must not be an elder, deacon or headmaster in a school.
  • Must not have betrayed the Divine Water Palace in the last 24 days.
  • Must have Sinister or Lunatic alignment.
  • Must have Spiritually Balanced or higher strength.
  • Must have learned at least 5 types of Flying Skills.
  • Must have learned at least one Yin/Soft Internal Skill.
  • Must not have learned the Sunflower Manual Internal Skill.

Players who have learned Sunflower Manual Internal Skill can do a 7-day quest located in Jinling (1151, 544) to erase it.

How to Join[]

If you're an Emei:

  1. Talk to Emei School's Headmaster to get the entry quest.
  2. Finish the quest.

If you're not an Emei:

  1. Leave your school by one of the normal 3 methods (betray/train away/incognito). Players in Factions must graduate or betray the Faction.
  2. If you meet the requirements, the entry quest will be randomly sent to your mail.
  3. Finish the quest.



  • meditation 10
  • patrol 10
  • getting fruit 2
  • planting 2
  • sparring 1

total per day 25

weekly quest[]

  • school fraction 20 tokens
  • catsh fish 30 tokens
  • semester 15 tokens
  • chasing monkey away 30 tokens
  • hotspring 15 tokens
  • fight the enemy 15 tokens
  • cultivation 15 tokens

total tokens per week 140

weekly quest (team)

  • school tournament
  • moa raiders 30
  • pirate crises 30