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The Dressing Room interface allows the player to preview numerous Designs, Identity Outfits, and Lores that alter the character's appearance. The interface can be accessed from the My Life menu.


Design is a cosmetic item that can be used to alter the appearance of a character's Headwear, Clothes, Pants, or Shoes. Designs can be obtained from numerous repeatable quests, boxes purchased with School Honor Certificates, and Stone Rubbing. It costs Silver Taels 5 Liang to use a Design.

Stone Rubbing[]

Stone Rubbing

Stone Rubbing can be used on Headwear, Clothes, Pants, or Shoes to obtain the Design (unbound) of the item. Stone Rubbing will not destroy the original item. Each Stone Rubbing costs Silver Taels 10 Liang. Some equipment cannot be Stone Rubbed.

Gear Can be Rubbed?
Produced by Tailor Some
Sold by NPC Some
Relaxation Point Some
Great School Gear All
Reclusive Faction Gear All
Faction Gear None
Event Gear None

The Stone Rubbing button is located at Dressing RoomJianghu CostumeHat / Coat / Pants / Shoes. The player must open the backpack (default shortcut key B) to drag the equipment into the Stone Rubbing window.

Identity Outfit[]

Identity Outfit is a bound item that alters the entire outfit of the character. Identity outfits can be obtained in a variety of different ways: by leveling a school's Internal Skills, practicing Life Skills, participating in the Forbidden Instance assassination, Foreign Rare Treasure Map, etc. Some Identity Outfits are temporary and will disappear after being used for a certain number of days.

Homeowners can store Identity Outfits in a Wardrobe.


Main article: Lore

Lore is a cosmetic item that can be used to alter the appearance of a character's Headwear, Outfit, Weapon, Mask, Accessory, or Mount. When used, the Lore is added to the Dressing Room interface and becomes bound to the account. Unlike Designs and Identity outfits, some Lores have particle effects and can change the idle animation of a character.