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The Dressing Room interface allows the player to view numerous Designs, Lore cards, and Identity outfits that alter the character's appearance. The interface can be accessed from the My Life menu.


Designs can be used to alter the appearance of the character's Headwear, Clothes, Pants, and Shoes permanently. Designs can be obtained from numerous repeatable quests and boxes purchased with School Honor Certificates. It costs 5 Liangs (unbound) to use a Design.

Female Designs
Design Obtaining
Repeatable quests Certificate exchange
Beautiful Peach Pinching Flowers.png Beautiful Peach Pinching Flowers (back).png

Beautiful Peach Pinching Flowers

Pink Peach.png Pink Peach (back).png

Pink Peach

Dark Red Drop Bead
Tiaosi Apricot Brocade
Mirror Flower Silk Yanyu Villa
Lake Blue Qiandeng Town
Light Yellow Jiming Posthouse
Suzhou Embroidery Jade Evil Men's Valley
Extensive Steeve Purple Lotus Suzhou
Lilac Bright Flowers Chengdu
Draw Outline of Baoxiang Luoyang
Silk Picking Purple Brocade Yanjing
Rosewood Shaolin
Green Damask Wudang
Concubine Powder Emei
Copying Chrysanthemum Design Beggar's Sect
Moon Purple Butterfly Grain Scholars
Manes Dark Weave Tangmen
Green Sinking Wanderer's Valley

Identity outfit[]

Identity outfits alter the entire outfit of the character. Identity outfits can be obtained in a variety of different ways: by leveling Internal skills, practicing Life skills, participating in the Forbidden Instance Killer activity, etc. Some Identity outfits disappear after being used for a certain number of days.

Lore card[]

Lore cards are bought with Gold and are generally very expensive. Unlike Designs and Identity outfits, Lore cards may add additional particle effects and animations to the character.