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Emei Stilt Walking is the 1st Internal skill for Emei disciples.


Level 1 to 36:

  • Emei only: Complete a series of tasks to prove yourself to Abbess Juechen.
  • Training Scrolls are sometimes dropped by stunned Emei Scouting Disciples in a spy mission.

Special Effects[]

Level 6:

  • Blocks an extra 15 internal and 12 external damage while parrying.

Level 16:

  • Blocks an extra 30 internal and 16 external damage while parrying.

Level 26:

  • Blocks an extra 45 internal and 22 external damage while parrying.

Level 36:

  • Blocks an extra 90% internal and 70% external damage while parrying.


The yellow number is the gear cap value (1.5 times higher than stat)
Lv Brawn Dex Breath Spirit Stamina HP Energy Max. Parry Internal Def
1 3+4 2+3 10+15 9+13 7+10 380 105 300 25
6 5+7 3+4 16+24 14+21 10+15 580 155 460 30
16 8+12 5+7 28+42 25+37 18+27 1020 275 850 35
26 13+19 7+10 43+64 39+58 28+42 1560 420 1280 40
36 17+25 9+13 58+87 52+78 38+57 2100 560 1730 50
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