Age of Wushu Wiki

Faction Challenges are played in a mini-instance which exists in almost every area in Age of Wushu. Factions are referred to as "Jianghu Forces" too and thus the ranking one achieves in these Challenges is recorded in the game as "Jianghu Force Ranking".


They mostly give small rewards, but could also yield Whirlwind Step and Jump Across the Clouds Flying Skill scripts.

The most important reward from Faction Challenges comes in the form of Jianghu Skills. These three sets of Martial Arts can be obtained:


You can maximum finish each Faction Challenge 6 times a day (if you fail you can challenge it twice more, so in total you have a maximum of 8 tries a day in case you don't succeed on the first 6).

After successfully finishing a single Faction Challenge for the 6th time, a reward can be obtained from the Jianghu Interface.

There are different difficulties of factions, which can be unlocked by having a certain Reputation Level (My Battle button on the bottom left - > Factions).

List of Faction Challenges[]

No Faction Reputation Requiment Location
1 Lord Qin’s Residence Jianghu Reputation level 5 Luoyang(492,909)
2 Tianwaitian Society Jianghu Reputation level 5 Yanyu Villa(-788,493)
3 Heaven Net Cult Jianghu Repuattion level 5 Northern Desert (1012,922)
4 Lingxiao City Jianghu Reputation level 5 Lingxiao City(n/a)
5 Desert Ghost Town Jianghu Reputation level 4 Northern Desert (1012,922)
6 Suyun Palace Jianghu Reputation level 4 Ruined Valley (-328,680)
7 Ancient Tomb Sect Jianghu Reputation level 3 Yanjing(1424,1496)
8 Nishang Palace Jianghu Reputation level 3 Nianluo Dam(n/a)
9 Murong Noble Household Jianghu Reputation level 1 Suzhou(1100,1239)
10 Yanmen Family Jianghu Reputation level 1 Luoyang(621,267)
11 Dongfang Noble Household Rising Star level 5 Yanjing(351,1218)
12 Nangong Noble Household Rising Star level 5 Chengdu(283,344)
13 Phantom’s Mountain Manor Rising Star level 3 Royal Guards (-815, 644)
14 Youming Palace Rising Star level 3 Yelow Plains(n/a)
15 Twelve-Linked Fortress Rising Star level 3 Tangmen(85,779)
16 Killer’s Manor Rising Star level 2 Yanjing(1449,55)
17 Cloud Villa Rising Star level 2 Tangmen(795,705)
18 Xianxia Sect Rising Star level 1 Penglai(736,535)
19 Shenfeng Gang Rising Star level 1 Yanyu Villa(n/a)
20 Xingxiu Sect Jianghu Nobody level 5 Ruined valley (-128,-239)
21 Beast Villa Jianghu Nobody level 5 Beggar’s Sect (-578,780)
22 Mount Song Sword Sect Jianghu Nobody level 5 Shaolin(-91,476)
23 Huanhua Sword Sect Jianghu Nobody level 3 Chengdu(1164,69)
24 Tunderbolt Hall Jianghu Nobody level 4 Plum Blossom(n/a)
25 Tiger Roaring Villa Jianghu Nobody level 3 Wudang(-138,542)
26 Xu Village Jianghu Nobody level 2 Chengdu(642,300)
27 Gold-needle Shen Family Jianghu Nobody level 2 Chengdu(207,759)
28 Tianxiang Tea Forest Jianghu Nobody level 2 Qiendeng Town (-377,1021)
29 Tianbao Stronghold Jianghu Nobody level 2 Tangmen(894,325)
30 Tiger Mountain Stronghold Jianghu Nobody level 2 Jiming Posthouse (-80,987)
31 Baodu Stronghold Jianghu Nobody level 2 Luoyang(12,478)
32 Salt gang Jianghu Nobody level 2 Yanyu Villa (-116,1358)