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The Farmer is a gathering life skill that allows the player to plant crops on farmland, raise silkworms in rearing stands, and process some food materials to create additional food materials. Players learn the skill by purchasing it from a Farmer Life Shifu. The price will depend on what other gathering skills the player has already learned. Upon learning the skill, the player will receive the title Farming Novice and can perform the Farmer Daily Task. To use the life skill, the player must have a hoe for planting crops or a tablet for raising silkworms in their backpack.

Planting crops[]


9 Wheat seeds in phase 3 and 4 of growth

To begin planting crops, a player must purchase seeds from a Farmer Life Shifu or another player, or obtain seeds from an instance. Once the player has the seeds he/she must go to farmland to plant them. The seeds are located in the Materials tab of the players backpack and can be dragged to the shortcut bar in the 'My Life' user interface. Seeds are planted by right clicking them in the backpack or left clicking them in the shortcut bar.d

Fertilizers can speed up the harvest time of crops while pesticides and herbicides can protect crops from pests and weeds. Once a crop has fully matured, it can be harvested by right clicking on the crop. The amount of crops harvested can vary and may be increased by various items.

You can harvest another player's ripened crops only if you are friend/close friend or enemy/blood enemy of his/hers.

Raising silkworms[]



Processing menu screen

Crops may be further processed to create additional food materials, such as turning wheat into flour. This is done by left clicking on the process icon in the Farmer's Life Skill page. Players may learn new processing methods by purchasing the scrolls from the Farmer Life Shifu.

Daily Tasks[]

Farmer Shifu's Store[]


Top Farmer Outfit