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Find a Hero at the Foggy Summit is a one of several repeatable quests to obtain Demon Gate Tokens. The quest can be done daily.


The player must first talk to Ji Benfa in Jinling (692,1688) to accept the quest, and then talk to him again to enter the quest area.


  • Strength ≥ Grand Master
  • Completed: 6th Internal Intro quest



Age of Wushu - Foggy Summit

The objective is to jump on the platforms to get to the other side of the area to find Lian Ren. While in the quest area, the player's jumping height is greatly increased, but using flying skills sometimes causes dizziness, temporarily reversing the player's movement. If you fall into the abyss, your character is sent back to the beginning.

After finding Lian Ren, the player needs to talk to him twice to exit the area, and then talk to Ji Benfa to finish the quest.