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Finding Books locations (updated)

All possible book locations.

Finding Books is a daily scavenger hunt event in Murong Villa, Suzhou. Participants can collect books scattered around the islands and exchange the items for rewards.


Server time
13:30 – 14:35 20:30 – 21:35

This event is available twice a day, every day. At the beginning of the event, 50 books will spawn in random locations. At the end of the event, all remaining books will despawn.

Players will receive a global notification when the last book is collected.

How to participate[]

Broken Martial Art Page

Anyone can participate in this event by simply traveling to a book's location and collecting it. Each collected book will yield 2-5x Broken Martial Art Pages (bound).


Broken Martial Art Pages can be exchanged for reward boxes at Murong Family Scholar Servant in Suzhou (1402,1834).

270x Broken Martial Art Pages
Four Families reward 40x Repairing Tool
20x Five Aggregates And Demon-Subduing Item
10x Weapon Manual (normal)
10x Traveling Token
1x (rare) Gold Thread Powder
1x (rare) Black Jade Powder
90x Broken Martial Art Pages
Four Families reward 2x 10,000 Cultivation Points Pill
2x 10,000 Chi Pill
1x 10,000 Cultivation Conversion Pill
30x Broken Martial Art Pages
Four Families reward 1x 40% Cultivation Speed Pill (1 hour)
1x 250% Experience Conversion Pill (1 hour)