Age of Wushu Wiki

Character Creation[]

In Age of Wushu the first thing you must do is create your character. This is not a choice that should be made lightly as you can only have one character per server. This adds weight to your character decisions, and is a unique and intentional feature of Age of Wushu. When deleting a character, there is a 48 hour protection period in which the character can be reclaimed; only after it, a new character can be created.

The server location defines its server time. As the latter has a huge impact on gameplay (availability of content) it matters to understand what server one is at and where it is located.


When you create a new character, you may choose from one of four different backstories:

  • Phoenix Pledge
  • The Tale of Tianshan Sword
  • The Nameless Sword
  • A Scholar’s Legend

Depending on the backstory chosen your character will start in a different village and has a different personal background.

Every character has certain attributes that affect his skills in the game.

Days 1 and 2[]

Finish School Story Task[]

Step 1: Complete all Novice Guide tasks.

Novice guide.jpg

Step 2: Talk to the coachman to learn about different schools. Select the school you want to join.

Step 3: Train at your school and learn the first school skill set.

School skill set.jpg

Step 4: Once your training is complete, you will receive a task to go back to your starting village. Press “T” to open the teleportation menu, then your destination.

Teleport menu.jpg


Understand Titles and Strength[]

Even though there are no levels in Age of Wushu, the game still tracks your progress as you grow stronger. This is done by using titles.

Cultivation conversion.jpg

When you do things like quests, school tasks and patrolling you gain experience. When you have enough experience you may convert it into Cultivation points. Via Cultivation you increase skills as well as gain strength. When you reach a new level of strength you gain a new title.

Different titles unlock different new quests and activities you can do within the game, like battlegrounds.


Understand Cultivation[]

Cultivation refers to the concept of refinement/upgrade in a skill. To access the cultivation menu click the sitting man icon on top of your HP bar. There are three methods to upgrade your skills through Cultivation: Internal Cultivation, Practice Martial Art, Team Practice.


Internal Cultivation[]

After opening the Cultivation menu select the first box then select the skill you wish to cultivate. Confirm your selection and exit the menu. This allows you to cultivate that skill while doing other tasks. Internal Cultivation automatically stops when the selected skill reaches the next level. If you wish to cultivate that skill further you may start the process again, or select another skill to cultivate.

Practice Martial Art[]

This is the easiest method to cultivate your skills. From the Cultivation menu, click Practice Martial Arts then select one of the three buttons below to cultivate your skill. Each button corresponds to a certain amount of money. You may use either Taels or Coins to Cultivate. Make sure to check which currency you want to use.

Martial art cultivation.jpg

Team Practice[]

This method of Cultivation requires multiple players working together, up to 10. From the Cultivation Menu, click Team Practice to start the process. From here, you must play a mini-game with a team to cultivate a skill. You also may join other teams doing a Team Practice. The more people cultivating together, the faster your skills will cultivate.

Team cultivation.jpg

Day 3 and 4[]

Perform School Spy/Patrol[]

Event Time: Anytime.

Availability: 5 times per day for spying, 20 times per day for patrolling.

Condition to Join: Must join a school and be free of Novice Protection.

Event Rewards: School Honor Certificate, Experience, Experience Pill

Spying means to spy at other schools while patrolling means to search for spies from other schools.

School Spying[]

Mission Selection Mission Skills
School missions.jpg

School Patrolling[]

Mission Selection Mission Skills
School patrol.jpg

Understand Faction Challenges[]

Faction challenges are activities where you can - as long as you are member of a school - challenge a faction.

Event Time: Anytime

Availability: Up to 8 times per a day, however you may only succeed 6 times out of 8

Condition to Join: Reach the required amount of Reputation

Event Reward: Skill Scripts, Flying Skills Scripts, Reputation

Novice Players may Challenge:

Jianghu Force Ranking.jpg
Influence Challenge.jpg

Additionally Players can receive Jianghu tasks in big cities and schools to get corresponding reputation, experience and other rewards. You can press L to check the Jianghu tasks you can receive in the current scene. There is a chance to trigger random encounter!