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"The lost masterpiece that was rumored to record the utmost emotions of greed, pride, envy, wrath and evil."

Five Aggregates

Five Aggregates And Demon-Subduing Item is a (usually bound) item that can be traded in for various items, most notably Meridian acupoint scripts.



Location Cost Bound?
Cheng Jieyun, Suzhou (320, 729) 2x Pure Yang Sword for 1 Bound
Bouncy Girl, Suzhou (320,730) 2x Luck Token for 1 Bound
Spying Item Stores (Faction) 10x Reward the Righteous and Punish the Evil Order for 1 Bound
Murong Family Scholar Servant, Suzhou (1402,1834) 270x Broken Martial Art Pages for 20 Bound
Murong Family Garden, Suzhou (793, 1769) 280x Mandragora Flower for 20 Bound
Ai Xiaofeng, Chengdu (776, 476) 300x Wander Together Points for 20 Bound


Quest Quantity Bound?
Lingxiao City introductory quest 12 Bound
Cultivate Often (repeatable) 5 Bound
Trouble in Yanyu Villa (repeatable, random chance) 1 Unbound

Other ways[]

Method Quantity Bound?
Possession Encounter (random chance) 10, 50, 100 or 150 Bound
Roulette (random chance) 5 Bound
Reward Pack (random chance) 10 Bound
Monthly sign-in (10 days) 20 Bound


Acupoint Scripts[]

Zhou Yixian in Suzhou mortuary (319,732) will trade the player's Five Aggregates for various Acupoint Scripts. Select the dialog option "Manual of the Core" to access the exchange window. All traded items are bound.

Acupoint Cost
1st (Dantian or School) 120
2nd (Dantian or School) 200
3rd (School) 400
4th (School) 600
5th (School) 1000
6th (School) 1500
Reversal Learning Script 100
1st (School Reversal) 300
2nd (School Reversal) 500
3rd (School Reversal) 1000 + 25x Demon Gate Token
1st (Girdle Vessel) 600