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Flying skills aren't just for show - they are extremely useful. They give players the ability to move freely across rooftops and surroundings, let them explore more of the landscapes, reach random treasure boxes that would otherwise be too high, and escape pursuing enemies or vengeful victims.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Flying Skills are one of the most important character upgrades as they expand the limits to players' movement style and combat tactics and allows one to become a true masters of the Jianghu.

Since Flying skills are in fact 'skills', players must learn them through unique skill books similar to the Internal and Combat skills found in-game. Once learned, these skills usually do not require any cultivation: players simply study the script and now have these excellent bonus abilities. But contrary to Internal and Combat skill Flying skills are actively used and might require some practice how to execute and apply them correctly

Some of these skills can be found strewn about in the world by their pages, some rewarded in Faction Challenges or Forbidden Instances, and some through the Random encounters. In some cases they are trade-able and can be sold in stalls.

Types[edit | edit source]

Flying Skills are commonly only applied to the player using them but there is a Dual Flying Skill one can learn which was introduced together with Ancient Tomb Sect that allows one to team up and use some of them in tandem.

Basic Flying Skills[edit | edit source]

Advanced Flying Skills[edit | edit source]

These are school based and require the necessary school's Internal Skill or ongoing school membership. Unclear if and which are ingame yet or will for the US version.

1) Emei

  • Wandering Girl
  • Phoenix Nodding
  • Green Lotus Step
  • Swallow Touches the Water
  • Phoenix Nodding Thrice
  • Immortal Shadow Controls the Wind

2) Beggars Sect ?

  • Dog Leg Skill
  • Drunken Immortal Step
  • Pick Shallot from Dry Land
  • Panicked Dog Leaps over the Wall
  • Mixed Kick Skill
  • Lotus Step

3) Ancient Tomb Sect

Flying skill Points[edit | edit source]

Flying skills rely on players' Flying skill attribute value. Having more of these lets players run and fly longer. Flying skill Points value is adjusted and modified through various means. When players use Flying skills the blue bar that appears tells them how much of it remains. This is important, for example, when using a Flying skill to fall from a higher ledge: players probably don’t want to lose Flying skill Points mid-fall and complete the rest of the decent falling to a 'thud'. Likewise, criminals don’t want to be running from constables while wanted for murder and lose Flying skill Points trying to climb the side of a city wall.

  • Skillful Flying skills - passively improve the effectiveness of all the other Flying skills, based on Cultivation
    • School related - need relevant Internal Skills as support; all Schools have their own focuses in studying these
    • Other Flying skills

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