Age of Wushu Wiki

The Forbidden Instances are group PvE dungeons that can be done 7 times a week. All Forbidden Instances have the same basic formula: a lot of hostile NPCs and/or some puzzles followed by a boss fight, repeated until the players clear all the bosses. Some bosses will recruit random players to assassinate the instance team, adding some PvP action into the instance.

Most of the hostile non-boss NPCs can be avoided by jumping onto the various rooftops and tall structures found in the instances. When the NPCs are unable to reach the players, they will return to their spawn point.

The Forbidden Instances Twilight Village and Green Cloud Castle must be cleared as part of the Great School's 2nd Internal Skill questline.

Jianghu Instances[]

The Jianghu Instances are the main type of Forbidden Instance. They can be entered by anyone who meets the Strength requirement, but the requirement does not always match the actual difficulty of the instance.

Instance Max Team Strength Requirement Length*  
Twilight Village (Prologue) 3 First Understanding ~25 minutes
Twilight Village 6 One With Nature
Green Cloud Castle (Prologue) 3 Flows With Chi
Green Cloud Castle 12 Max Level
Peacock Villa (Prologue) 3 Mentally Balanced ~20 minutes
Peacock Villa 12 Infallible Martial Arts Master
Longmen Inn (Jin Huaiyu Route) 6 Mentally Balanced
Longmen Inn (Brigand Route) 6 Max Level
Cloud Valley 12 Max Level
Gymnastics 3 Max Level ~20 minutes
Bat Cave 6 Grand Master
Jiuyuan Walled City 3 Grand Master ~40 minutes
Yanmen Pass (Rebel Force Line) 12 Shock the World
Yanmen Pass (Defender's Path) 12 Overawe the World
Delightful Island 3 Grand Master
Uncontested Secret Area 6 Shock the World
Jinling Incident 12 Divine
Qingyao Palace 3 Shock the World ~20 minutes
Desert Ghost Town 6 Surpass the World
Hidden Valley 12 Unique
Yin Goufang 6 Unrivalled

*Length is based on an average team taking the optimal route and avoiding unnecessary NPCs.

School Instances[]

The School Instance is a type of Forbidden Instance that must be opened by a member of a specific Great School. Once the instance is open, any party member can enter it. Great School disciples who are training away at Reclusive Factions or Factions cannot open the instance. For example, to enter the Sacrifice Cliff, the team leader must be an Emei. An Emei who is training away at Divine Water Palace cannot open the School Instance.

There are two variants of each School Instance: Normal and Hard. All School Instances have a Strength requirement of Peak of Power. The bosses in School Instances do not summon assassins.

Great School Instance Max Team Length*  
Beggar's Sect Apricot Forest (Normal) 3
Apricot Forest (Hard) 6
Emei Sacrifice Cliff (Normal) 3
Sacrifice Cliff (Hard) 6
Ming Cult Thousand Green Ravine (Normal) 3
Thousand Green Ravine (Hard) 6
Royal Guards Purgatory (Normal) 3
Purgatory (Hard) 6
Scholars Villa of the Departed (Normal) 3 ~1 hour 30 minutes
Villa of the Departed (Hard) 6
Shaolin Wooden Monk Lane (Normal) 3
Wooden Monk Lane (Hard) 6
Tangmen Poison Palace (Normal) 3
Poison Palace (Hard) 6
Tianshan Sect Sacrifice Cliff (Normal) 3
Sacrifice Cliff (Hard) 6
Wanderer's Valley Cavern of Lost Souls (Normal) 3
Cavern of Lost Souls (Hard) 6
Wudang The Violet Chambers (Normal) 3
The Violet Chambers (Hard) 6

*Length is based on an average team taking the optimal route and avoiding unnecessary NPCs.


Assassination Invite

An assassination invitation.

At the start of certain boss battles, assassins will be summoned to fight the instance team. Invitations will be sent to random players asking to join the assassination. Players who decline the invitations will be replaced by NPC assassins. The assassins boss fight is timed (10 minutes), and the assassins' job is to delay the raid until the time is up. If they succeed, they are rewarded and the instance team has to try the boss over.


The player-controlled assassins' main targets are generally the core team members. Emei and the tanks are the obvious targets, but the best targets are the array leaders. Breaking the raid's array generally wipes the raid, and if they can score it about five minutes in, it can completely ruin the fight.


The rewards vary depending on the instance. Items found in most instances include Flying Skills, Life Skill recipes and materials, and some Martial Arts Skills.