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(Shadow Chasing Sting) Glamorous Illusion
Glamorous Illusion
(Shadow Chasing Sting) Glamorous Illusion (Description)
School Tangmen (skill list) Skill Set Shadow Chasing Sting
Bonus Cave (20%), Mountain (10%), Water (10%) Attribute Yin
Weapon Type Range CD IF Cost Max Lvl
Dagger Attack - Charge 3.0 meters 6.0 s 7 5

Carging movement, approach enemy and stab continuously to deal (67~69)(+13) points External skill of damage. (For a total of 3 hits, each hit does about 27 points of damage.) to target.

If you have "Shapeshift", you can deal extra damage.

(This skill can be used in conjunction with a flying skill to approach target quickly.)