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Golden Needle Sect character

The Golden Needle Sect (also known as Shen Family) is a joinable Faction located in the eastern suburbs of Chengdu. The disciples fight using the ranged Needle weapon and are skilled healers, being able to revive seriously injured players and re-attach an eunuch's treasure.

The servants of the Shen Family are trained, polite and highly respected by people in the Jianghu.


Players can join the Golden Needle Sect by meeting the entry requirements and completing a fetch quest. The requirements are as follows:

  • Character Strength ≥ Realized Potential
  • Must be a member of no school, or be training away, or be disguised.
  • Must not have betrayed Golden Needle Sect within 24 hours.
  • Must not have read the Sunflower Manual.

Entry Fetch Quests[]

The entry fetch quests are given by Wang Xiong in Chengdu (224,785). The player can choose the type of quest, and only one must be completed to join the Faction.

Fetch Quest Item 
Medical Materials 150x Mint
150x Kuqing Flower
150x Wormwood
Cloth 150x Coarse Cloth
150x Linen (mislabeled as Canvas)
150x Guazhou Green (mislabeled as Jade Cloth)
Lumber 150x White Poplar Wood
150x Cypress Wood
150x Osmanthus
Poisonous Herbs 150x Gaultheria
150x Heartbroken Flower
150x Nux Vomica (mislabeled as Strychnine)
Minerals 150x Iron Ore
150x Copper Ore
150x Lead Ore

Internal Skills[]

Internal Skill Type Max Level Max Rage
Jade Lock Stances 24 Tai Chi 96 (Keep Your Own Counsel) 100

Martial Arts Skill Sets[]

The colored percentage number is the average scaling value for corresponding stats.

Skill Set Type Weapon Damage % % %
Three Yang Needle Tai Chi Needle External 19 19

Random Skills[]

Skill Effects (Max Level) Cost
Support Right and Dispel Evil Casts a random buff or debuff on an ally. 1x Medicated Wooden Needle
5 Medical Points
Bamboo and Orchids Reduces the duration of ally's debuffs by 20%. 1x Medicated Wooden Needle
5 Medical Points
Working Miracles Re-attaches an eunuch's treasure. 1x Medicated Golden Needle
50 Medical Points

Members of Golden Needle Sect must follow the rules set by school. Breaking the rules will increase the player's Discipline Value. If the player's Discipline Value exceeds 500, they will be kicked out of the school, which has the same repercussions as betrayal.

Rule Discipline Value
Don't study the Sunflower Manual +500
Don't kill members of the Golden Needle Sect +40
Don't revive seriously injured Evil (1) Evil players
(only affects the standard revive)
Don't kill members of other schools +5
Don't use killer-related titles Action not possible
Don't challenge the Golden Needle Sect
(Influence Challenge)
Action not possible

Repentance Letter[]

Repentance Letter
Repentance Letter can be used to reduce Discipline Value by 10 points. Completing the three daily tasks will reward the player with 2x Repentance Letter (bound).

Daily Tasks[]

Main article: Daily Tasks (Golden Needle Sect)

Members of the Shen Family can complete three random daily tasks to obtain Faction Reputation, Faction Certificates, and Repentance Letters. The type of tasks and rewards depends on the player's number of Faction Reputation.

Travelling and Practicing Medicine[]

Main article: Travelling and Practicing Medicine

After reaching 34,000 Faction Reputation, players can pick up the Travelling and Practicing Medicine task to help various NPCs with their problems and earn Medical Points.

Shen Herb Event[]

Main article: Shen Herb Event
Shen Herb Event is an open-PvP event that occurs Monday through Friday. Anyone can participate in the event to win Cultivation Pills, but Shen Family members can win additional Faction Certificates and Golden Meridian Sealing Needles.

Temporary Faction Gear[]

Faction Certificates can be exchanged for temporary gear (30 days). The gear is Silver-quality, Class 3, and cannot be upgraded.

Permanent Faction Gear[]

Golden Meridian Sealing Needles can be exchanged for permanent gear. The gear is Gold-quality, Class 3, and the Golden Meridian Sealing Needles can be used to upgrade the pieces to Class 7. The gear provides a set bonus that boosts the Three Yang Needle skillset.

Pieces Set Bonus
6 Clouds Sweeping Away Meteor, Garrote of Souls, and Life Chaser damage increased by 5%.
Celestial Maiden Scatters Flowers Rage consumption reduced by 3 points.
9 Clouds Sweeping Away Meteor, Garrote of Souls, and Life Chaser damage increased by 10%.
Celestial Maiden Scatters Flowers Rage consumption reduced by 3 points.
Blood Transfusion cooldown reduced by 30 seconds.

Medicated Needles[]

The Medicated Needles are a material used to cast the Shen Family's Random Skills. They can be created at Shen Huaidao in Chengdu (322,800).

Item Obtaining
Medicated Wooden Needle Costs Silver Coins 10 Wen each.
Medicated Iron Needle Exchange 1x Iron Needle and 1x Beast-Taming Medicine for 10x Medicated Iron Needle.
Medicated Silver Needle Exchange 1x Silver Needle and 1x Cold Ice Medicine for 10x Medicated Silver Needle.
Medicated Golden Needle Exchange 1x Golden Needle and 1x Warming Medicine for 10x Medicated Golden Needle.

After reaching 34,000 Faction Reputation, members of the Shen Family are eligible to earn Medical Points from the Travelling and Practicing Medicine task. Medical Points slightly increase the damage and healing of the Three Yang Needle skillset, and the points are consumed by the Random Skills. Players lose 1% of their Medical Points every day at 00:00. Graduation and betrayal will both cause the player to lose all their Medical Points.

Medical Points are capped at 10,000. The player can view their Medical Points by opening the Faction Menu (default hotkey J) and navigating to the Knowledge tab.


Every Monday at 00:00, the top 10 players with the most Medical Points will win the Random Skill Working Miracles, which allows the player to re-attach an eunuch's treasure. If the player has already learned the skill, they will earn 7-10x Faction Certificates instead.

Shen Family Castle had become less populated after the villa masters, Shen Jinfeng and his wife, went into battle with roving bandits and both died at the end of Jiayu Pass. However, the people of Wulin dare not look down upon the Shen Family castle, for it owns the gold needle that can rival the Tangmen among the main sects of the Jianghu.

The family master Shen Canghai is open-minded and reasonable, yet cautious. Although the Shen Family Castle is less populated, its castle master is good at training servants. Therefore, the servants of the Shen Family are trained, polite and highly respected by people in the Jianghu. The Shen Family Castle had reached its peak under his leadership.


In Jianghu, the Golden Needle Sect only deals with Xu Family Manor and the Huanhua Sword Sect, which are both located near the suburbs of Chengdu. Marrying disciples of Xu Family Manor has been a tradition for generations.


The conservative Golden Needle Sect members do not approve of the debauchery and recklessness of Wanderer's Valley. Because the Red Flag Envoy Wang Xiao of the Royal Guards once attempted to steal the Golden Needle Sect's School Script, the Golden Needle Sect sees them as a great enemy. Disciples of the Tianxiang Tea Forest often kidnap commoners from Qiandeng Town and Chengdu to cultivate poisonous vipers, and the Golden Needle Sect despises such conduct.