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Affiliation: Chaotic Neutral Gender: Male/Female Weapons: Barehanded, Golden Needles Alignment: Chivalrous Tactical Position: Ranged/Healer

The Shen Family Castle is located in the Eastern suburbs of Chengdu. Disciples practice the Gold Needle Healing Skill and are skillful healers. They are not known for their aggressiveness. The Gold Needed can disarm foes from a distance when aimed at the acupoints. In fact, some say their offensive skills rival those of the Tangmen. Recently, clan leader Shen Canghai worked to repair the organization’s reputation; which suffered after former leader Shen Jingfeng was killed by bandits.


Shen Family Castle had be come less populated after the villa masters, Shen Jinfeng and his wife, went into battle with roving bandits and both died at the end of Jiayu Pass. However, the people of Wulin dare not look down upon the Shen Family castle, for it owns the gold needle that can rival the Tang Clan among the eight main sects of the Jianghu.

The Family Master Shen CanghaiEdit

He is open-minded and reasonable, yet cautious. Although the Shen Family Castle is less populated, its castle master is good at training servants. Therefore, the servants of the Shen Family are trained, polite and highly respected by people in the Jianghu. The Shen Family Castle had reached its peak under his leadership.

Notable NPC'sEdit

  • Shen Canghai: Is an intelligent and levelheaded leader who keeps his subjects well trained. Currently, the Golden Needle Sect is in a period of great prosperity.
  • Shen Sangu:She is kind-hearted, chivalrous and always to the point. During her youth she had been engaged but her fiancé was killed on the battlefield. Since then she has remained unmarried and lived her life in a villa, unable to do anything but remain with her aunt and watch the worldly events unfold.
  • Shen Peijue: Heroic yet mature, modest yet progressive, Shen Peijue is an expert practitioner of Kung Fu and the son of Shen Canghai and Xiao Shanfeng. He has enjoyed making many friends through his endeavors and always enjoys a good drink in his spare time.
  • Shen Xijue: Short spoken but kind-hearted, he appears emotionless though inside he is burning with ambition. He once admired his older brother, always followed his lead, until he uncovered his older brother’s true nature and left him to follow his own path.
  • Shen Jun: Timid and overcautious, Shen Jun has a difficult time getting associating with her sisters in the Shen family. Although she’s sensitive and lonely, she is also clever and kind-hearted; always willing to help disciples of the Shen family. Currently she desires to leave the Shen family and travel throughout Jianghu.
  • Shen Xiaoxi: Beginning life as a starving orphan, Shen Xiaoxi was adopted by a wealthy man on his way home from praying before Buddha. The wealthy man’s wife believed Shen was a gift from Buddha and decided to raise him as her own. He is considered clever, cute and kind-hearted; usually spending his free time riding horses and playing shuttlecock.
  • Shen Nianci: Cute and lively, yet naughty and prideful. She loves animals and laments over those that are injured. Although she doesn’t care for Shen Jun, she admires her kung fu.
  • Xu Xinning: Wife of Shen Xijue and with a complexion as fair as snow, she is mysterious but noble and unexpectedly skilled at kung fu – particularly when using the whip. She is actually the sacred girl of Youming Palace, but that fact remains unknown to all but her.
  • Wang Tianhuai: Considered modest and mature, he is highly skilled at kung fu, especially when using his favored weapon, the blade. Currently he operates as the assistant of the villa leader.

Skills Edit

Martial skills Edit

Three Yang Mysterious Needle
Master: Weapon: Golden Needles 1st martial skill set Attribute: Tai Chi
Description: It's a unique and tremendous skill of the Shen Family. It uses acupuncture, so it can injure or sav people and stimulate energy. The Shen Family earned the title of the Gold Needle Shen Family. This skill set focuses on healing and defense, and works both in melee and from range.

Internal skills Edit

Twenty-Four Secrets of the Golden Lock
Master: 1st internal skill Attribute: Tai Chi
Description: The Shen Family have mastered the technique of healing their bodies through Chi. Experts of this internal skill excel in their supportive roles, as they revive their fallen allies and bring them back to full health.


The Golden Lock: If you are attacked, you will recover HP and Energy during the next few seconds as long as you are not under another attack. Critical Healing: If you are seriously injured, your nearby allies can recover a large amount of HP and Energy, greater than half of their maximum. If your allies are healed in this manner, they cannot recover any more HP or Energy for a short period of time.

Effect at maximum level:Edit

Critical Healing with "Fox Mourns for Dead Hare": In addition to healing your allies with Critical Healing, your attacks also increase 20% damage against your target when you become seriously injured.

Joining the Shen FamilyEdit

Players have 3 ways of joining the Golden Needle Sect: Though the main story, random encounter, and through players with the Shen family name.

Joining through the main storyEdit

1. In Chengdu, locate Wang Xiong (224,785) at the Golden Needle Sect gate and complete one of the 5 Quests granted by Him. After that go to Gao Tai (228,772) to ask him to join.

2. Joining via the main story requires obtaining a token through the conditions listed below, then completing the Golden Needle Sect task.

Conditions to Join:

  • The player must not be part of a school or of any other faction, and must have reached Realized Potential (Level 21 in the Self Recollection Inner Skill).
  • Identity Conditions: None
  • Skill Conditions: None

Joining by Random EncounterEdit

If the player is kind-hearted, then they have a chance to receive a random encounter task to join the Golden Needle Sect. Entry conditions for the random encounter are lower than that of the main story.

School UniformsEdit

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