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Green Cloud Castle
Green Cloud Castle
Location Luoyang
Difficulty Minimum strength Recommended strength Max players
Normal Martial Intuition (Actually 21) Flows With Chi 6
Hard Flows With Chi Spiritually Balanced 12
Hell Mentally Balanced Expert of Self 12



  1. Before entering, make sure everyone on the team has obtained the six-man array, Return to Origins Array, from the Green Cloud Castle introduction quest. It is strongly recommended to have Jump Across the Cloud, Wild Goose Flying Skill, and Step On High Ladder. Jump Across the Cloud can be found in any Mini Instance while Wild Goose Flying Skill and Step On High Ladder are from Twilight Village.
  2. When you arrive, run up the path until you reach a cutscene. After the cutscene finishes, run through the mass of mobs, up the stairs, and turn left into a walled-off garden. Here you can reset the mobs chasing you by hiding behind the rock structures until you leave battle. The player can also use Step on High Ladder to run up the wall.
  3. Proceed to clear all of the roaming and stationary mobs in front of the main building, such that you have sufficient space to fight the boss.

Boss 1: Tian Feng[]

  1. Designate two tanks and a feinter. The two tanks should have the highest health and most defensive capabilities. The feinter, on the other hand, should be your weakest member, as in whoever does the least damage. Set the two tanks as the two keys to the six-man array, and then have everyone set their array buffs. One tank should have Charge and Break Through, while all other members should have Unified Spirits.
  2. Have one tank initiate on Tian Feng. The party should make a circle around the boss, and proceed to use Return Tiger to the Mountain when his block is down. If you hit him while he's blocking, he will drain a large portion of your internal force and will heal for +300. Have the feinter break Tian's block whenever he puts it up, and continue like this until he gets to half health.
  3. Some time during the fight, Tian will use a skill called "The Elements". When he starts casting this ability, everyone must immediately Goose or airdash away from him. This "Gather" ability turns everyone around Tian purple, so when the debuff ends, you will take damage based on your distance from the boss.
  4. At half health or so, Tian will start to use a skill that displays as "Destruction of Elements". When unleashed, this skill employs a massive area effect that will most likely kill anyone caught in it. In addition, if you are purple from "Gather", you'll need to stay close enough to him so as not to die from "Gather", but far enough to not get hit by "Destroy".
  5. The other ability to watch out for is "Five Elements In." This will pretty much insta-kill two team members, so dodge behind him (verification needed), or simply dash away.
  6. As with any boss, if one tank gets low, make sure to have the tank switch off his/her Charge and Break Through buff, and have the other tank enable his. If you followed everything above, you should have no trouble defeating this tactics-heavy boss. After he is defeated, enjoy your reward and cutscene!
    • All the mobs will become friendly after defeating the boss, which is why it is unnecessary to kill them.

Reaching Second Boss[]

  1. In this next area, after the cutscene, you will see a series of bridge. You must solve Sudoku puzzles in order to open the gate that leads to the next boss.
  2. Each rows and columns add up to 15, each of the levers nearby each puzzles represent a certain number, starting from the right corner will be number 1, next to it will be number 2 and so on, you must pull the lever correspond to the number shown on the ground (ie. left to right, up to down). After finishing all the puzzle, a door ahead will open, allowing you to confront the next boss.

Boss 2: Yu Liao[]

  1. Note that you cannot use Flying Skills in the room with this boss.
  2. Everyone should stand in the middle of the area on top of each other, while one person lures the boss and circles around the players.
  3. One thing to watch out is a skill called "The Yin Yang". This will cause both the lurer and several random people in the party to turn into a color; these people must stand ON TOP OF EACH OTHER or they will take huge amounts of damage over time.

Reaching Boss 3[]

  1. After defeating the 2nd boss, open the trapdoor below the staircase and enter the basement.
  2. Talk to the girl, follow her around the area, talk to the male npc in the living room to continue explore the area.
  3. At one point, the castle lord is murdered, talk to his wife in the opposite room to continue.
  4. Talk to the girl, follow her and protect her along the way until you reach an area with stairs.
  5. At this point, one of the member go outside the house and open the pigeon cage located to the right of the house, while the rest of the member should go back down to butterfly specimen room and clear the mobs in order to save time.
  6. After releasing the pigeon, you run all the way back to the living room and talk to the npc.

Run back to the butterfly specimen room talk to the npc again to open the door to butterfly keeping room.

Boss 3: Bao Miejing[]

​#On Normal and Shura Modes, she will summon several Assassins.

  1. This boss does not really have much of a kink to her.

Boss 4: Xue Ren[]

  1. Talk to the NPC to open the door to the gold refining room.
  2. Clear all the mobs before engaging the boss.
  3. On Hard and Shura Modes, he will summon several Assassins.
  4. The boss's parry can disable the use of Flying Skills for 10 seconds.
  5. When the boss casts Starry Sky, immediately run away as he will cast an area of effect skill that does massive damage.

Boss 5: Guo Li[]

  1. Proceed to the next room and clear the mobs.
  2. On Normal and Shura Modes, he will summon several Assassins.
  3. The boss will occasionally summon a bird that can self-destruct and deal massive damage.
  4. The boss can also initiate an array that spawns several mobs. Kill the "key" mob (the one with the glowing feet) to dispel the array and desummon the mobs.
  5. The boss can also try to use a skill called Thunder Bullet which does heavy damage. This skill can be interrupted with the Return to Origins Array skill The Spirit of Golden Light, which can only be used by the Array leader.
  6. On Normal Mode, the instance ends here.

Mini Boss: Armored Man[]

  1. There is the heavy door lead to next area which requires nine people to open. (Note that it is possible to bypass this requirement by logging out and back in; causing all objects in the area, including the door, to reload, during which you may walk to the other side.)
  2. After opening the door, run past the mobs, then jump into the lake in the next room and swim to the other side.
  3. From the other side, run up the ramp while stick to the right edge of the ramp, then jump onto a dragon statue to de-aggro the mobs.
  4. On Hell Mode, he will summon Assassins.
  5. The boss has an area of effect skill called Break Surrounding, and will attempt to chase after a targeted player.

Boss 6: Wu Zhen[]

  1. On Hard and Shura modes, he will summon Assassins.
  2. Lure the boss into the building, as mobs will continuously spawn when fighting him outside the building.
  3. The boss can throw in area of effects which deal huge damage.
  4. On Hard Mode, the instance ends here.

Boss 7: Hentian[]

1. Area surrounded by a wall

2. With assassins

3. Stay close and kill him. Break or else he regenerates

4. break his array.