There are ... buildings in a Guild territory, most having their own function. The Main Hall is the "main building" which must be leveled higher and higher to unlock more and more building types. Every building can be upgraded to level 5; at any time, any other building's level can not exceed Main Hall's level. A building's Blueprint must be researched before a building can be built and utilized. So a guild that researches no blueprints will have no use of any buildings in the territory.  In front of any (?) building there is a NPC for upgrading it. When ...

A guild Territory can be purchased, if vacant, for 500 Liang in Taels (unbound silver). If the territory is not vacant, the guild occupying the territory must be attacked and routed from the land.

Players can support their guild by donating money and/or materials at the Guild Administrator or via the Guild interface.

Gate Edit

Decorative only. Leveling it increases its beauty.

Practice Area Edit

Increases experience cultivation for guild members everyday from 17:00 server to 19:00 server. Can be upgraded to increase this benefit.

Scholar's Library Edit

Sells Life scrolls. Leveling it results in higher Life skill levels for the guild members.

Mo Pavilion Library Edit

Council Hall Edit

This building sells a variety of items for the guild HQ. The first level Council Hall starts out selling teleportation liscences used to set up teleport points at the Stable. The variety of items sold increases as the building is leveled.

Stable Edit

Allows teleporting to other cities for guild members.

Treasure Room Edit

Guild's Treasury. Increases guild's income. Leveling it results in a higher Silver Note production rate. Silver Notes are ...

Warehouse Edit

Sells resources and tools. Leveling it raises storage capacity.

Main HallEdit

The guild HQ's main building. Leveling it unlocks new building types and expands the number of guild members allowed in the HQ at one time. (Starting at 80)

Arena Edit

The place for studying School Arrays and skills. Leveling it unlocks more of these.

Plum Tree Stump Edit

Increases Experience converting speed. Leveling it rewards even faster conversion rate. Currently unuseable as of 4/28/2013

Woodsman Dummy Edit

Also increases Experience converting speed. Leveling it rewards even faster conversion rate.

Uprise Room Edit

Guild NPCs are hired here. Leveling it provides more advanced ones.

Meditation Room Edit

Helps guild members get more Cultivation. Leveling it increases this gain.

Secret Device Room Edit

Dedicated to research Secret Devices, which are used to set traps (traps may play an important role in Guild wars). Leveling this building results in a wider variety of devices.

Observation Tower Edit

Highest building of all.

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